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Native name
Lila Rose
Birth nameLila Rose
BornToronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Alternative
  • Witch pop
Years active2004 - present
LabelsIndependent, ANIIML LOVR

Aniiml, born Lila Rose (Toronto, Canada) is a singer and animal rights activist.

Early life

Aniiml was raised by her mother, a dream-analyst psychotherapist, and father, a Native American land claim mitigation lawyer. Her brother is an orthopedic surgeon in Ottawa, Canada. Her natural inclination towards the arts was apparent from a young age and was nurtured by her parents. She was placed into acting, dance, and music classes from the age of 3. Her first instruments were piano, cello, viola, and steel band.

Aniiml attended Etobicoke School of the Arts as a double major in theatre and music (cello) though most of her focus was on theater. After graduating high school she decided not to pursue acting and took a year off to travel and attend Concordia University before making music a main focus.

Musical Career

Aniiml moved to Oakland, California in 2009 to pursue a career in music. Heart Machine was the first official album release, which Aniiml co-produced with David Earl and released in 2012. Heart Machine gained quite some local recognition and press, which took Aniiml and her band on several West Coast tours. Heart Machine was originally released under her birth name, Lila Rose.

In 2015 Aniiml released the second full length album, We.Animals. with collaborator Daniel Garcia. It was We.Animals. which began to get placed in tv shows, trailers and commercials such as: Fox’s Lucifer, The Royals, Wentworth, VICE, Bull, Teen Mom, So You Think You Can Dance, Good Trouble, Mustangs FC, the trailer for Viceland World of Sports, the trailer for Black Market, Slutever, Beerland, Reed Krakoff adds. To date, Aniimls’ music has received 25+ placements.

After Aniiml started receiving her sync placements, in 2017 she decided to move to Los Angeles, California, to further her career in songwriting and production.

In 2019 Aniiml released Oh Awe as a part of her first European tour.[1] Rolling Stone Germany listed her single "Handle Me" as one of the editors' top 10 singles.

The live band is comprised of three drummers: Daniel Burdman on electronic drums and triggers, guitar and bass guitar, Ryan Fyeff on acoustic drums, and Aniiml on a flipped kick and drum triggers. The live show includes dancers and a multimedia performance art element. For years, the band traveled with a human sized cage with projected 3d mapped visuals as part of the live show. The live show is where the band shines most. Aniiml always performs barefoot among a tribe of dancers, light show, props and theatrical components.

Music Style

The recognizable sound of Aniimls' music is the quirky voice of Lila Rose which has been compared to Dolores O'Riordan and Alanis Morisette. A friend once coined the music "Witch Pop";[2] calling to the dark synths, booming layered drums and anthemic nature of the music. The music itself has been compared to a merging of Florence + the Machine and Fever Ray.


Visuals are an important part of Aniimls' work. With 9 music videos out to date and striking yet sometimes disturbing photographs, she has become known for her powerful imagery. Aniiml has directed and produced most of her videos.

In 2018 she shot, directed, produced and edited the video "Slay!". As she released the video for the single, though, Rose was confronted by the fact that many social media outlets banned it, considering it offensive. Made entirely by Rose using an iPhone, the video is dark and visceral and features a lot of oiled-up skin.[3]

In December 2019 the video for "Ouch!" was chosen as one of "Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite Videos of the Year".[4]


As an animal and environmental rights activist, Aniiml contributes a portion of her merchandise sales to animal rights groups, she volunteers for rescue services, sanctuaries, groups and protests, and spreads awareness about plant based diet and to always live more sustainably. She also rescues animals herself whenever possible. After moving to Los Angeles in 2017, she rescued and adopted three chickens which she named Sia, Beyonce and Adele, as part of her effort to educate her followers about animal equality.


  • Heart Machine (January 2012)
  • We.Animals. (April 2015)
  • Oh Awe (September 2019)

Guest appearances

  • Archetype by Emily Afton (September 2016) Aniiml sings on several songs and co-produced the album
  • "Rain" by Rorschack & Mark Eliyahu (May 2016)
  • "Dusted Compass" by The Human Experience (June 2012)


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