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Angelina Trevena
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CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
Alma materEdge Hill University
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror

Angeline Trevena is a UK-based speculative fiction author who specializes in fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Known for The Paper Duchess.[1] series, she is also the co-host of the podcast 'Unstoppable Authors[2],' Event Manager of Burton Sci-Fi & Fantasy Con[3], Co-Event Manager of Indie Fire Writers Conference[4], writing convention speaker[5], and is a regular contributor to both Horror Tree[6] and Vulture Hound[7]


Angeline is at home writing speculative fiction, and has been she writing since she was a child[8]. She followed this up by pursuing a degree in Drama

and Writing[9]. Her first short story was published in 2011[10] and she has been writing steadily ever since. The author is also highly invested in the concept of world-building with multiple guides on the subject under her belt. She is an avid proponent of self-publishing and refers to it as "a lifelong journey[11]." Trevena also highly supports authors being able to bootstrap their publishing business[12]. That being said, she is a hybrid author who has both been self-published and had work released through small presses.



  • Silkwash: Cloudspans Book 1[13] (Maythorne Press, Mar 2021)
  • The Spine of Winter[14] (Maythorne Press, Dec 2020)
  • The Settling: The Memory Trader Book 3[15] (Bogus Caller Press, Mar 2020)
  • The Stray: A Memory Trader Novella (Bogus Caller Press, Aug 2019)
  • The Notary of Gotliss Street[16] (Bogus Caller Press, Feb 2019)
  • While We Were Waiting: Poisonmarch Book 2 (Bogus Caller Press, Sept 2018)
  • The Sister: The Memory Trader Book 2 (Bogus Caller Press, May 2018)
  • The Smudger: The Memory Trader Book 1[17] (Bogus Caller Press, Feb 2018)
  • The Mothers: The Paper Duchess Book 4 (Bogus Caller Press, Oct 2017)
  • After: A Post Apocalyptic Story Collection: Poisonmarch Book 1 (Bogus Caller Press, Mar 2017)
  • The Visionary: The Paper Duchess Book 3 (Bogus Caller Press, Feb 2017)
  • The Matching: The Paper Duchess Book 2 (Bogus Caller Press, June 2016)
  • The Bottle Stopper: The Paper Duchess book 1[18] (Bogus Caller Press, Oct 2015)
  • Cutting the Bloodline[19] (Bogus Caller Press, May 2015)

Short Stories:

  • Watching Hansley Hall Burn (Bogus Caller Press, Oct 2020)
  • The Woman in the Wind (Bogus Caller Press, Apr 2020)
  • Nuisance Neighbours in Trembling with Fear Year One[20] (Horror Tree, Oct 2018)
  • Rock-a-Bye in Dark Voices[21] (LVP Publications, Aug 2018)
  • Nothing is Sacred in Glimpse: A New World[22] (HJLawson, Aug 2016)
  • Order Up in Sunny, With a Chance of Zombies[23] (KnightWatch Press, June 2015)
  • The Snow in May in Ghosts: Revenge (James Ward Kirk Fiction, March 2015)
  • Losing Ashley in Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction[24] (Kelly Ann Jacobson, Nov 2014)
  • Husks in Dead Harvest (Scarlet Galleon Publications, Oct 2014)
  • Amy in Schlock! Bi-Monthly: Issue 7 (Schlock! Publications, Oct 2014)
  • Amy in Schlock! Webzine: Volume 6, Issue 23 (Schlock! Publications, Aug 2014)
  • Killing Ghosts in Potatoes[25] (KnightWatch Press, July 2014)
  • I’ll Watch Over You in A Chimerical World: Tales of the Unseelie Court (Seventh Star Press, Feb 2014)
  • Oakwood in The Sirens Call: Issue 13 (Sirens Call Publications, Feb 2014)
  • No Smoke Without Fire in Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal: Volume II (Horrified Press, May 2013)
  • Being Superhuman[26] in Fifty Shades of Decay[27] (Angelic Knight Press, Feb 2013)
  • Charmpeak House in FEAR: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror: Volume Two[28] (Crooked Cat Publishing, Sept 2012)
  • The Vincent Orphanage in The Mirador Fantasmagoria (Mirador Publishing, Jan 2011)

Non Fiction:

  • How to Create History: An Author’s Guide to Creating Histories, Myths, and Monsters (Maythorne Press, Apr 2021)
  • Worldbuilding in Indie Writing Wisdom (Samantha Goodwin, Dec 2020)
  • From Sanctity to Sorcery: An Author’s Guide to Building Belief Structures and Magic Systems[29] (July 2020)
  • How to Destroy the World: An Author’s Guide to Writing Dystopia and Post-Apocalypse (Mar 2020)
  • 30 Days of Worldbuilding: An Author’s Step-by-Step Guide to Building Fictional Worlds[30] (Dec 2019)
  • Waiting It Out in The Insecure Writer’s Support Group to Publishing and Beyond (Dancing Lemur Press, Nov 2014)


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