Ameed Abd Al Azeez Zaghal

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Ameed Mohammad Abd Al Azeez Zaghal
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Born27 June, 1991
Other namesPalestine Ripper
  • Singer
  • Artist
Years active2011-present
Notable work
Ahla Talah,Aismar ya elshab almahyub,Beudak bialqalab

Ameed Abd Al Azeez Zaghal is a Palestinian singer and artist.

Early Life

Ameed Abd Al Azeez Zaghal, born June 27, 1991 is a State of Palestine singer. He was born and raised in Al Khalil, Palestine. He went to learn in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and began his artistic life at an early age .His relationship with his family is very special[1]. His father who encouraged him all the way passed away in 2013. All of his brothers are businessmen who own several companies, which are the most powerful companies in Palestine[2][3].


His artistic career began when he participated in several concerts in several Palestinian cities since he was a child. He was influenced by mountain songs from a young age, where he sang the song (Asmar Ya Shab Almahyoub) when he was 19 years old.[4] His most famous song is "Ahla Talah" which he sang when he was 21 years old and this song became one of the popular songs in the Arab community.[5] This song became one of the most popular and beloved works of the Palestinian people.[6][7] His song Kont Shofak cover by Ameed Abd Alazeez was a massive hit. [8]He previously participated in many festivals, the most important of which was the Jordan Festival of Goodness with the Arab Voice in which he sang for many artists such as Artist Wadih Al-Safi. Also, he sang many dialects such as Iraqi, Syrians|Syrian, Lebanese, and have been dealt with many important poets in the artistic community.[9][10][11]


Studio albums

  • Aismieuni
  • Qalbik Tayib
  • Qalbi Jan Solo songs
  • Aismar ya el shaab al mahjub
  • Beudak bialqalab
  • Mjrid sual
  • Wlu walaw
  • Shlat alqalb
  • Asmieuni
  • Ead wallah
  • Qalabuk tayib
  • Butasalani kaniy bahbana
  • Hbik naar
  • Albint alfilastinia
  • Ma bieamri shayif
  • Jinantini
  • Hiu alfilastinii


Official Music Videos

  • Baedik Bialqalab
  • Ahlaa Tila
  • Aismieuni
  • Qalbik Tayib
  • Walaw Walaw

Media Coverage

The news and the works of the artist, Amid Abdel Aziz, were published in many international newspapers, channels, and websites such as:

  • Anghami site
  • Bell Magazine
  • Layalina Magazine
  • Sharjah Website
  • Panet Website
  • Bakra Site In addition, hundreds of Arab and local websites make many interviews such as: Palestinian TV, Odeh Channel and Arab channel such as Al-Ghad Channel And several interviews on several Arab and local radio stations.[12][13]


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