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Ali Mandalawi
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Born1958 (62-62 years old)
  • Writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Cartoonist

Ali al-Mandlawi is an Iraqi writer, graphic designer and cartoonist,[1] born in Mandalay, Diyala Governorate|Diyala, in 1958. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, his work was characterized by harmony in drawing caricature and painting, becoming the most famous painter in the satirical painting (portrait) in Iraq, he is also a writer, graphic designer, free painter, painter of books, magazines, and comics. His work has been exhibited in personal exhibitions (drawings of children's books and journalism, caricature, free drawing) In Iraq and a number of countries around the world, he also has participated in festivals inside and outside Iraq. His works of art are distributed to museums and art centers in Arab and European countries, he also has personal collections where he worked as a cartoonist in several Iraqi and Arab newspapers, featuring drawings of world celebrities as cartoons, working in children's journalism and drawing magazines (magazines and flutes - original: mujjilatī wālmizmāru) ) and children's books.[2]

He immigrated to the Netherlands in the 1990s, drawing a caricature for (Jadeda w Mjala) magazine, Al-Landaniyyatayn then in the Middle East International Newspaper. He returned to Baghdad after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, where he established and founded a cultural project called Media for exhibitions and events, he worked as an advisor for the Ministry of Culture in the Kurdistan Region|Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, and won one of the grand prizes for the 14th Edition of the International Festival of Humor in Romania.[2]


  • He was born in Mendley in 1958.
  • He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in 1979.
  • He received a bachelor's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts specializing in printing design in Baghdad in 1986.
  • He has participated in most national exhibitions inside and outside the country.


  • A writer, graphic designer, freelance painter, book and magazine illustrator, and cartoonist whose work has been exhibited in personal exhibitions (drawings of children's books and journalism, comics, free drawings) held in Iraq and a number of countries around the world[3] and has participated in festivals, his works of art are distributed to museums and Arab art centers along with European and personal circles. He has worked as a cartoonist in several Iraqi and Arab newspapers with a number of Iraqi cartoonists such as Moayad Nehme, Abdul Rahim Yasser, and others.[4]
  • Since 1975, he has worked in children's journalism[5] and has illustrated more than 40 children's books published by publishing houses in Baghdad (Children's Culture House) and publishers in Iraqi Kurdistan, (Arab Boy's House) in Cairo, (Dar al-Adab) and (Dar al-Nawras) in Beirut, (al-Mazghani publications) in Tunisia, as well as drawing for magazines and newspapers (majalati w al-mzmar) and (A. Sitra- Najma) in Baghdad, and (Heh nk) in Erbil, (Little Arab) in Kuwait, and (Majid) in Abu Dhabi. In 1983, he transferred his activities to the adult press and he drew caricatures, his drawings spread through publishing in newspapers and magazines in Iraq and Arab countries, he illustrated a number of book covers, poetry books, poems by Kurd poets, Arabs, such as Shirko Bex, Latif Helmat, Abdul Wahab al-Bayati, Adnan Al-Sayegh and musicians, such as Munir Bashir. In the 1990s, during his stay in the Netherlands, he illustrated for magazines published there, and he drew caricatures for Al-Landaniyyatayn and Jadeda w Mjala magazines, after which he moved to the British capital to work for the international newspaper Middle East (1999-2003). After the fall of the regime in Baghdad (2003), he resigned from the newspaper, He returned to Baghdad, where he established a cultural project called Media, which organized a number of exhibitions and events in his hall.
  • He worked as a children's culture consultant at the Ministry of Culture, Kurdistan Region (2005-2006) during which he organized the first international festival for Kurdish children in the regional capital, Erbil.
  • Founding member of The Adde Printing Design Operator - Baghdad.
  • Founding member of the international group Caravan - Tunisia.
  • He founded the London Group of Artists Against Repression.
  • Founding member of The Friends of The Culture of the Mesopotamian Valley, Netherlands.
  • Member of the Iraqi Journalists and Artists Syndicate and the Iraqi Artists Association.

Personal exhibitions

He has participated in many art Exhibition|exhibitions and drawing exhibitions aimed at children and caricatures inside and outside including:

  • Kurdish folk tales depicting children - Comex Hall of the Kurdish Culture Society - Baghdad in 1977.
  • (Children's Paintings) Sulaimaniyah Museum Hall, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 1983.
  • (Faces from the Inside) Al-Orifli Hall, Baghdad, 1986.
  • (Faces) Portrait Comics - Baghdad Hall, Baghdad, 1988.
  • (Feather from the Cloud Wing) Free Drawing - Hall of the Spanish Cultural Center - Amman / Jordan in 1992.
  • The Hall (Art Gallery) is a free painting -Tunisia in 1993.
  • Utrecht City Hall,Netherlands, 1995.
  • Raza Center Gallery ComicS - Or Trecht - Netherlands in 1997.
  • Free University Hall - Free Drawing - Berlin / Germany in 1998.
  • First land. Sky Ii) Free Drawing - Tablet Hall - London /England 2002.
  • Media Hall (Media) Erbil Porter Yeh Comics -Iraqi Kurdistan region in 2005.

Shared exhibitions

  • Iraqi Caricature Exhibition - Hall of the Academy of Fine Arts - Baghdad in 1975.
  • International Children's Fair, Rabat Hall, Baghdad, 1979.
  • Arab Children's Book Illustrators Exhibition in Poponia,Italy, 1981. Iraqi Caricature Exhibition - National Museum of Modern Art Hall, Baghdad. International Children's Book Drawing Exhibition (BIB) Gabrovo International Comics Festival - Bulgaria
  • Exhibition (Caricature Committee) at the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate - National Museum of Modern Art - Baghdad in 1988.
  • Arab Caricature Festival - Kufa Hall - London /England in 1989.
  • Arab-African Caricature Exhibition - Opera Hall - Cairo / Egypt in 1990.
  • Exhibition (six Iraqi artists) Baladna Hall - Amman /Jordan in 1991.
  • The International Festival of Fine Arts in Tunisia in 1992. Exhibition of painters from Tunisia and Iraq- Art Gallery Hall - Tunis. International Cartoon Fair on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the assassination of"Naji Al Ali" Kufa Hall - London
  • Tonay Bouton International Fine Arts Festival , France, 1993.
  • International Festival of Fine Arts - National Museum of Jordan - Amman. Exhibition (Caravan Group) International - Baladna Hall - Amman. AmmanHall Exhibition . (Permanent Exhibition) Art House , Amman
  • Exhibition (Caravan Group) International - Rick Hall - Paris / France in 1994. A joint exhibition with the French artist Jacques Barthelemy, Emhotep Hall, Paris, France. A joint exhibition with the French artist "Jacques Barthelemy" Emhotep Hall - Paris /France
  • Atelier Gallery- Dre Bekhen / Netherlands in 1995. Arab Cultural Center Hall - Brussels / Belgium
  • Stenvik Hall, Netherlands, 1997. Kunst Outlein Center Hall - Amresford / Netherlands. Kunst Center room - Hinglo /Netherlands
  • Exhibition of artists from Iraq- Shahrazad Hall - Berlin in 2001.
  • Lamsa T Of Genius Exhibition - Contemporary Iraqi Art - Brunei Gallery - University of Swass -London
  • Iraqi Cartoon Portrait Exhibition - Kufa Hall, London, 2002.
  • Arab Children's Book Illustrators Exhibition - Arab World Institute , Paris, 2003.
  • Iraqi Cartoonists and Cartoonists Exhibition - Media Hall, Baghdad, 2004.
  • Exhibition of three Iraqi cartoonists - Zamwa Hall - Sulaimaniyah /Iraqi Kurdistan Region in 2005.
  • Iraqi Comics Exhibition - Melia Mansour Hotel Lounge , Baghdad, 2010.
  • Iraqi Comics Exhibition 2 - Al-Alawia Club Lounge , Baghdad in 2011.
  • Iraqi Comics Exhibition 3 - Baghdad Cultural Center Hall, Baghdad, 2012.
  • "Paintings about Tagore" - Egyptian Opera - Egypt 2016.


  • The first prize is equal to the Arab-African Cartoon Fair - Cairo Opera Hall - Egypt 1990.
  • Grand Prix of the 14th Edition of the International Festival of Humor in Romania -Mihai Aminescu 2015
  • The first prize of the George Bahjuri Portrait Competition is among more than 120 artists from all Arab countries - Egyptian Opera House - Cairo - Egypt 2016.


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