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Alec Martin
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Born (1991-04-13) April 13, 1991 (age 33)
Other namesAstyle Alive
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Alma materFrederick Douglas Academy VI
Years active2009- present
Known forFounder of One Umbrella Enterprise INC, CreditIs A Must, and Tranquil Store

Alec Martin (born April 13, 1991)[1] also known as Astyle Alive is a Jamaican born entrepreneur, businessman, credit specialist, philanthropist, investor, designer, and record producer.[2][3] He is a serial entrepreneur, who is best known as the founder of One Umbrella Enterprise INC, CreditIs A Must, Tranquil Store (CBD Cannabidiol) company.[4][5] Alec invested in diversified industries including real estate, music production, logistics, and clothing lines.[5] Martin has been covered by the news and media outlets like Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine and several others for his entrepreneurial skills and philanthropic work during Covid-19.[1][3][6]

Alec has gained a great reputation to ensure clients, peers, and anyone around is comfortable and satisfied.[7] He is one of the young entrepreneurs and pioneers to donate a sustainable part of his income to several charities to treat children battling cancer including the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.[3][7][8] Alec is also reported to donate thousands of dollars to ensure essentials for the underprivileged in the global pandemic, Covid-19.[1][3][8]

Early life and education

Alec Martin was born in Jamaica on April 13, 1991.[3] His father was an entrepreneur and dentist.[3][6] When he was 8, his family migrated to the United States.[6][7] Right from his childhood, his father has inspired him and has been an influencer for his confidence.[3][1] In 2009, He completed high school at Fredrick Douglas Academy VI in Far Rockaway, Queens. From a very early age, Alec was inclined towards entrepreneurship and started working over his goal.[7]


At the age of 18, Alec Martin started doing media promotion, marketing, and was also working as a disc jockey for club venues.[7] He also started designing t-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters.[6][8] His designed clothes have seen exponential growth and received appreciation for design, influencers and celebrities including NBA superstar JR. Smith, late hip hop icon Chinx Drugz and many others endorsed Astyle Alive’s apparel collection.[6]

In 2017, he founded One Umbrella Enterprise, a full-service real estate development, and construction company.[9][6] It specializes in fix & flip that acquires industrial, residential, and commercial property including high-rise condominiums, high-end luxury estate homes, and restored townhouses, fixing and enhancing them with the latest technology, and then reselling them.[7] The company business is widespread on the east coast including New York, Georgia, Maryland, and Florida. Alec keeps a strong quality check on service throughout the entire transaction and offers comprehensive assistance that includes relocation, mortgage, title, and settlement.[6][7]

In 2018, Martin realized that there are a number of people who are looking out to improve their credit score. He developed a unique concept to  improve credit repair and founded, Credit Is A Must.[3][8] In June 2020, Martin launched Tranquil - CBD (Cannabidiol) company headquartered in New York, to extend his portfolio in the Health and wellness industry and serve the people suffering from anxiety, pain, stress and depression.[2][4]


Alec Martin is a leading young entrepreneur to show generosity and donate a part of his income for noble causes to uplift the underprivileged parts of society.[3][6][8] News outlets presented him as one of the young pioneer to strengthen people hit by the pandemic COVID-19.[8][6] He has donated thousands of dollars to ensure essentials for every affected citizen.[8] Alec has guided many students, graduates, and entrepreneurs with his experience and expertise with the vision that their progress and success will impact and strengthen the economy.[6] He is well known to regularly aid with his earnings to charities like the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, to ensure quality treatment of children battling with cancer.[2][3][8]


Selected photos of Alec Martin popularly known as Astyle Alive.


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