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AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan
Formation1990; 34 years ago (1990)
TypeNon-Government Organisation
  • Humanitarian services
  • Social welfare
  • Emergency relief

AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan is a nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian services across Pakistan. It is registered with the Government of Pakistan as a non-governmental organization (NGO) under the Societies Act XXI of 1860.

AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan has a presence all over Pakistan including all the provinces and federally-administered areas. It has one of the quickest and vast grass-root structures which is vigilant and attends to sudden emergency situation anytime, anywhere in Pakistan and other countries of focus.[1][2][3]

Its sole aim is 'service to humanity' without any discrimination[4] on the bases of religion, race, caste, sect, language, or political affiliation.[5][6][7][8]

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan provides, among many other services, 24-hour emergency assistance across the Pakistan,[9] COVID-19 relief work[10] disaster management, health services,[11] education, clean water services,[12] orphan care,[13] Aghosh homes,[14][15] mawakhat program,[16] community services[17] and drug rehabilitation services.[18]

The organization’s humanitarian services prioritize the most oppressed segment of society including the neediest of the needy,[19] struggling humanity,[20] widows,[21] orphans[22] and handicapped.[23]


Disaster Management

An emergency can hit anyplace at any-time, shattering the most vulnerable people and leaving at mercy of fate. Alkhidmat Foundation responds fast to save lives and protect properties during the emergencies and afterwards at both national and international level benefitting over 2.27 million people at the cost of PKR 1172 million at the time of writing.[24]

Health Services

Alkhidmat countrywide holistic healthcare network of hospitals, ambulances, pharmacy shops, medical laboratories and medical units are providing speedy but quality health care at subsided rates to people who need it in both emergency and day-to-day situations that makes 8 million beneficiaries with PKR 4488 million expenditures.[25]


Alkhidmat Education services uplift the deserving brilliant students and cater their needs at schools, colleges, and universities level under merit based Alfalah Scholarship Program that counts providing 78 million PKR support to 58,171 young students.[26]

Clean water

Alkhidmat Foundation Clean Water Projects are committed to providing clean drinking water through a number of initiatives like installing water filtration plants in big cities, setting up hand pumps to water wells in the far-off areas of Thar Desert, Cholistan, and hilly areas of Balochistan and KPK that installed PKR 310 million water facilities with 3.2 million per day beneficiaries.[27]

Orphan Care

Alkhidmat Foundation comprehensive Orphan Care Program consists of Aghosh Homes in which state-of-the-art residential, recreational and education facilities are being provided to the registered orphan children. Moreover, through Orphan Family Support Program (OFSP), we bring the donor into direct contact with the orphan boy and girl who live in their own homes along with other family members. 57 Clusters have been arranged to carry forward this program.[28]

Mawakhat Program

Alkhidmat Foundation Mawakhat or Microfinance program is supporting hundreds of unemployed men and women to do their own businesses and cease dependency on others. In this context, interest-free loans up-to Rs. 75,000 along with the required training and skills are provided to the hardworking people to launch their startups.[29]

Community Services

Alkhidmat Community Program aims at alleviating poverty, vulnerability, malnutrition, and deprivation in the community so that social empowerment finds its way. We are helping the community through equal distribution of food, water, wheelchairs, Eid gifts, Diwali and Christmas gifts, winter packages, Qurbani meat packs, Ramadan packages, and other necessities of life. The community program also comprises the construction of masjids and rehabilitation community welfare centers. To date it includes PKR 1606 million services to 1,054,732 individuals.[30][31]

International Services

Alkhidmat Foundation has expanded its humanitarian services and social welfare operations to other countries as well and the organization is engaged in social welfare and emergency relief activities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Palestine and Syria.[32][33]


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