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Aksos Book Store
Parent companyAxon Media Group'[1]
FoundedOctober 27, 2014; 9 years ago (2014-10-27)
FounderHameed Nasary[2]
Country of originAfghanistan
Headquarters locationKabul
Key people
  • Hazratullah Nasary (CEO)
  • Safiullah Nasary (Vice President)
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topics
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
Owner(s)Hameed Nasary[3]
Official websiteaksosbookstore.af

Aksos Book Store (Pashto: اکسوس کتاب پلورنځی) is a book publishing house and store in Afghanistan. It was founded in 2014 by Hameed Nasary.[4] Aksos Book Store revolutionized publishing and printing of books through its high quality paperback books and a wide variety of choices in the market.[5] [6] [7] [8] Before Aksos Book Store opens in Kabul, the founder of Axon Media Group,[9] Hameed Nasary,[10] who was and is president of Spogmai FM, started printing some important books that the society was in need the most. The books were given away[11] to some close friends and relatives, but this giveaway process was not that effective as expected, because they were not given and delivered to a large amount of people in order to promote the culture of reading and books in aspects of business. Fortunately, this small number of books that were given away,[12] support of the society, people and book lovers caused Aksos Book Store to open a small (4x3m) shop on eastern road of Kabul University in third district.[13]

Expansion and Recent History

Since the openning of Aksos Book Store, the amount of book lovers and readers to visit Aksos Book Store has increased. The management of Aksos Book Store had to enlarge the book store, within a year Aksos Book Store became the biggest book store in the city.[14] With the expansion of book store, the number of books publishing, printing and selling per month increased immensely, customers have been increased and the interest of government officials went to its high level. Including some senior government officials some foreign diplomats also began visiting the book stores around the city and this helped much more to promote the culture of book reading and publishing in the country. Aksos is and accredited organization and follow all international rules in books publishing. And following of these rules caused the book trade in Afghanistan to be booming. Each Aksos book has its own ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and it reveals the serial number of the book registered internationally and we can recognize the book and sell it easily in international markets. The ISBN is being issued and distributed to bookstores and authors around Afghanistan by the Ministry of Information and Culture, ISBN helps books to be recognized and registered internationally.[15] Officials from the book store says; since the book store is enlarged and expanded, about 750 visitors are visiting Aksos Book Store daily and fortunately we were able to fulfill customers’ needs of books up to 75%. [16]


Aksos is the ancient name of the Amu Darya(Amu River) in Central Asia and Afghanistan, the title Aksos is chosen because of the meaning and similarity of unfinishable knowledge and books with seas and running water in the planet. The title Aksos we chosen for Aksos Book Store has a historical value, and is being chosen accurately. People are liking it and giving positive comments on it. According to its creation and structure, it has two syllabuses. Names and titles two syllabuses are being pronounced beautifully and easily.

Online Shopping and Delivery

Most of the times overbusies and lack of time causes to lose some real important opportunities, but Aksos Book Store has got a solution for this and that is Delivery Services in Kabul city and Aksos Book Store might be the first that offers delivery services in Kabul.[17] Aksos Book Store is now delivering books to customers’ home, office or school just with a delivery fee of 30Afs about (US$0.35) to all around the Kabul city and for this they are using motorcycles. Aksos Book Store adds; our main goal of this service is to provide our customers with cheap services in a short period of time. In order to offer these services, customers can order through mobile and phone numbers, email address, website,[18] Facebook Page,[19] Instagram,[20] Twitter,[21] Skype,[22] and WhatsApp. The Delivery Manager of Aksos Book Store says; for the first time on 2014 September 11th we announced the book (No Easy Day translated into Pashto) on our Facebook Page and we prompted people if they want the book to be delivered to their home, office or school they just need to leave us their address, phone number and their name. The moment a customer is ordering a book, the customer has to leave their exact mobile number, name and home, office or school address. When we announced, as it was book of the day, including people around Afghanistan, dozens of people from foreign countries have also left their addresses and phone numbers and asked us to ship them the book. But because of shipping and transporting issues we could only deliver the books to the citizens of Kabul. The delivery person of Aksos Book Store says; the days we are busy the most are those when there are new arrivals and new printed books, and what I’m doing is providing and opportunity for the people around Kabul city, because of too much traffic, lack of time and feeling secure for some families.

Notable Authors

  • Abdul Karim Khurram
  • Mohammade Zubair Shafiqi
  • Nazeer Ahmad Sahaar
  • Bismillah Momand
  • Shafiqa Khpalwak
  • Aqa Mohammad Qurishi
  • Asadullah Waheedi
  • Sher Khan Shaheer
  • Abdullah Abed
  • Wagma Wardak
  • Shfiq Amirzay

Printing and Publications

As Aksos Book Store had some troubles, lack of quality and speed of printing since they were printing their books by second-party printing companies, so Aksos Book Store decided to open a printing press of their own in order to speed up their services, provide customers with most recent books to be published and increase the quality of books. This printing press called Waygal Printing Co.[23] is now creating job positions for dozens of Afghans. Before Waygal Printing Co.[24] start printing books, most of the books were sent to neighboring countries such as Iran and Pakistan to be printed and this was wasting too much of time and Aksos Book Store was not able to provide the customers with speedy services and books of the day to be published on time.


  • Politics
  • Law
  • Economy
  • History
  • Geography
  • Islamic
  • Management
  • Psychology
  • Computer
  • English Fiction
  • English Textbooks
  • Pasho Litrature
  • Pashto Fiction
  • Dari Litrature
  • Dari Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Children[12]
  • Science
  • Official Gazette
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Sport
  • Journalism
  • Dictionaries
  • Cooking
  • Agriculture
  • Philosophy
  • Biographies
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper

Cultural Board

Aksos Book Store did not only work for book selling, perhaps they are translating some bestsellers and books of the day and importing them. Some senior translators have also become the partners of Aksos Book Store and according to their translation, the translators are getting remuneration. Translating, writing, and editing books has become a new source of income and a business for authors, translators and editors around Afghanistan. Manager of Aksos Cultural Committee says; our team’s duty is standard and ideological writing, translating and editing. He adds; in the recent years we brought a new change and that is to create a board of translators that are working as a group and that helps to speed up publishing and translating new books that are way bigger in size and difficult to be translated standardly in a short period of time by a person and provide it to our customers. As he mentioned; in 2018 Aksos Book Store successfully translated (Directorate S) to Pashto and in a really short period of time, it was a great experience, the book has been published and spread around the country. The second book was (The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace) it was translated to pashto and edited in around two weeks, the fastest book publication ever to happen in Afghanistan.[25]


Aksos Book Store is just a super store and it does not have any other branch. But some second-party retailers are having the books published by Aksos Book Store in almost all around the country.


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