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Aki Cederberg
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Helsinki, Finland
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Aki Cederberg (born in 1978) is a Finnish writer, musician and filmmaker. He has written books about Indian religions and European modern Paganism.

Early life

Aki Cederberg was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1978. He has a university degree in culture and arts.[1] Interested in spiritual matters from an early age, he explored Western esotericism and the works of Aleister Crowley before moving into European modern Paganism, which he defines as having a Mythopoeia|mythopoetic view of the world. Because he wanted to connect to a living tradition, he began to make trips to India to meet gurus and explore Indian religions|Indian religious traditions. His first trip to India lasted for three months and he kept returning to the country during the next ten years.[1]

Writing career

The experiences Cederberg had in India and Nepal form the basis for his books Pyhiinvaellus from 2013 and Journeys in the Kali Yuga: A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe, published in 2017.[1][2] At the end of the latter book, Cederberg rejects universalism and spiritual exoticism and argues for Westerners to approach spirituality through the gods of their own native traditions, in Cederberg's case paganism from the Nordic countries.[2]

Cederberg's next book, Pyhä Eurooppa was published in late 2020 and is a travelogue about places in Europe with a reputation of being holy. Cederberg argues for the need for a sense of sanctuity and significance of life, which he contrasts with materialism and exploitation. The book contains discussions about the problem with how European cultural and spiritual heritage has become associated with nationalist and far-right politics, which Cederberg renounces. A. W. Yrjänä of Helsingin Sanomat called the book "weirdly refreshing" because of its rejection of irony and direct call for spirituality.

Other work

In addition to writing books, Cederberg has been active as a musician and filmmaker. He has been a member of various music groups and made the film Taiwaskivi (2009) with the audovisiual group Halo Manash.[1] He has worked as an assistant director on several Finnish feature films.


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