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Ahmad Bahjat
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BornAhmad Shafeek Bahjat
15 November 1932
Cairo, Egypt
Died11 December 2011 (79 years old)
  • Novelist
  • Journalist
LanguageArabic (mother-tongue), English, French.
Alma materUniversity of Cairo
  • Novels
  • Short stories
  • Children's literature

Ahmad Shafeek Bahjat was a well-known Egyptian writer and journalist who was born on November 15th 1932 in Cairo. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Cairo. He married and had two sons. He passed away on December 11th 2011. The positions that he held are:[1]

  • Journalist at Akhbar El-Yom Newspaper (1955).
  • Journalist at Sabah Al-Khair Magazine (1957).
  • Journalist at Al-Ahram Newspaper(1958).
  • Senior director and senior editor at Radio and Television Magazine (1976).
  • Deputy editor of technical affairs at Al-Ahram Newspaper (1982).


Al-Shorouk Publishing House organized an event celebrating Ahmad Bahjat’s seventy-seventh birthday which the publishing house’s chairman – Ibrahim Al-Moalem – attended. He stated that his publishing house printed 36 editions of Bahjat’s book “Anbiya’a Allah” or “God’s Prophets”. In addition to that, according to Al-Shorouk Newspaper, the author Alaa Al-Aswani stated that young writers seek out a figure to look up to in the beginning of their writing careers, and to him that figure was Ahmad Bahjat. He proceeded to describe Bahjat’s writing as the meeting point for narration style, a journalistic base, elegant irony, and rightful religiousness.[2] The writer Bilal Fadl started his speech with an apology to his friend Khaled Ahmad Bahjat saying “truth be told, I initially befriended Khaled as a way to get to know his father, whom I owe so much, for growing up my father forced me to read exclusively religious books. As a result, I grew to despise these books, until I came across Bahjat’s book “Anbiya’a Allah” and it made me realize that a religious person can be simple and delicate whilst having a factual understanding of religion”. He then proceeded to say: “Bahjat’s book “A Fasting Man’s Memoirs” is the one book I keep going back to” and the Egyptian writer and analyst Mohammed Hassanein Haykal described Bahjat’s style as “unique” and chose him to cover the visit of the president Jamal Abdul Nasser to Al-Ahram Newspaper. As for Bahjat himself, he said “Haykal is the one behind the success of my writings. In fact, he’s the one who came up with the idea for my book “A Fasting Man’s Memoirs”’.[3] His famous column “Sandook Al-Dunia” gets published every day in Al-Ahram Newspaper.[4]


Ahmad Bahjat was the producer of the famous satirical radio show “Kelmetein w Bas” which was presented by the artist Fouad Al-Mohandes. The show went on for 30 years on Cairo’s general radio program, and its purpose was to criticize certain situations in society and shed the light on important issues.[5]

His Published Works

  • A Husband’s Memoirs or (Muthakarat Zawj).
  • A Fasting Man’s Memoirs or (Muthakarat Sa’em).
  • God’s Prophets or (Anbiya’a Allah)
  • The Best Stories or (Ahsan Al-Qisas)
  • The Path to Allah or (Al Tareeq Ela Allah)
  • Joseph’s Shirt or (Qamis Yousef).
  • Allah in The Islamic Faith or (Allah Fi Al- ʿAqida Al-Islamiya).
  • Seas of Love in Sufism or (Biḥar Al-Ḥob `Ind Al-Sufiya).
  • Stories of Animals in The Quran (Novel) or (Qisas Al- Ḥaywan Fi Al-Qur’an)
  • Fasting… And God Knows or (Sa’emun Wa Allah Aʿalam).
  • Dialogue Between Naïve Child and Cultured Cat or (Ḥiwar Byn Tefl Sathaj Wa Qit Muthaqaf).
  • Thutmose the 4ooth and the Police or (Taḥtamus 400 Bil Shorṭa).
  • One Second of Love or (Thinya Waḥida Min Al- Ḥob).
  • Meditations On The Sweetness of The Universe or (Ta’amolat Fi ʿUthubat Al-Kawn).
  • Saleh’s Camel or (Naqat Saleḥ).
  • Abraha’s Elephant or (Fil Abraha).
  • Yunus’ Whale or (Ḥut Younes).
  • Solomon’s Hoopoe or (Hudhud Sulayman).
  • King Talut and The River or (Al-Malek Ṭalut Wa Al-Nahr).
  • A Traveler’s Meditations or (Ta’amolat Musafer).
  • The Prophecy of Adam’s Sons and The Crow or (Naba’a Ebnay Adam Wa Al-Ghorab).

His Death

Ahmad Bahjat passed away on Sunday 11th of December 2011 after a long bout with illness.[6]


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