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As a legal practitioner, an advocate is someone who represents another in court. The word has somewhat different connotations in different legal systems across the world. Generally speaking, a barrister or a solicitor are the general equivalents in many English-based countries. The term "Advocate" refers to a superior-class lawyer in the following jurisdictions: Scottish law, Manx law (the law of the Isle of Man), south african law, Italian law, Spanish law, Portuguese law, Scandinavian law, Polish law, Israeli law, South Asian law, and South American law:

For attorneys, the title "Advocate" is an honorific title in various languages, as in "Adv. Sir Alberico Gentili." It is also possible to use the term "advocate" in the common sense of speaking up to assist someone else, such as in patient advocacy or the support expected from an elected politician; however, such meanings are not covered in this article.