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Adrian Lau
Tsuen Wan District Councilor
Assumed office
1 January 2020
Preceded byMichael Tien
Succeeded byRe-election
ConstituencyDiscovery Park (Hong Kong)
Personal details
Adrian Lau Cheuk Yu

(1976-02-07) 7 February 1976 (age 48)
British Hong Kong
NationalityHong Kong
Political party
  • Non-partisan (Starting from January 1)
  • Deliberation Tsuen Wan (6 July 2019 to December 31)
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
  • Master's degree in Social Sciences
Alma mater
  • Lingnan University
  • University of Hong Kong

Adrian Lau Cheuk Yu (Chinese: 劉卓裕; born 7 February 1976) is a Hong Kong PR professional/ business man, founding member of the DeliberationTW camp and Tsuen Wan's Discovery park non-partisan district councilor[1]. Lau was born and raised in Tsuen Wan and is an alumni to St Francis Xavier's school,Tsuen Wan and University of Hong Kong. Lau founded A. LOUD Asia, a digital marketing & communications agency and serves as its chief consultant. Lau's sister-in-law is Yip Wai Lam, the chairman of the Full-time KMB Driver's Alliance in the 2018 Kowloon Bus salary adjustment movement[2]. Lau used his PR expertise to help Yip Wai Lam and her husband Lau Cheuk Heng create a media presence as well as organised press conferences and social events for their movement. During 2019, Hong Kong's campaign against the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation Bill (better known as the extradition bill) broke out. Lau was influenced by this, which is why he became a member of the Hi! freedom political alliance.[3][4] To further support the 2019-2020 protests, on October 9th Lau declared his participation in the 2019 district council elections. He successfully defeated the Pro beijing camp and double tiered councilor - Michael Tien[5][6]and became the district councilor for Tsuen Wan's Discovery park. Lau is currently aiming to run for the Legislative Council District 1 seat.

Early life

Familial Background

Adrian Lau was born in Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan on 7 February 1976 in Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital. Lau has lived in the Tsuen Wan public housing growth for the entire of his early life. The son of a regular middle-class family, Lau's mother and father were both taxi driver's but are both now retired. Lau also has an older brother - Lau Cheuk Heng, who participated in the 2018 Kowloon Bus salary adjustment movement[2] and is the husband to Yip Wai Lam , the chairman of the Full-time KMB Driver's Alliance.

Educational Background

Lau graduated from St Francis Xavier's school,Tsuen Wan and was once an avid journalist in his school's newspaper club as the editor in chief. He later on pursued Business Administration (specialising in Marketing) as a Bachelor's degree in Lingnan University, graduating with honours. Years later, at the age of 40, he decided to study the Social Sciences under the branch of media culture and creative city as a Master's degree in University of Hong Kong to further enhance his knowledge in the PR fields.


Public-relations Background

Before becoming a district council leader, he was an accomplished PR specialist. Working as a senior account manager for Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where his focus was on concept strategy planning and event management, as well as a marketing manager for Head Line Daily, in charge of developing new approaches to maximize brand building through cultural events. After an accumulation of 15 years of communication experience, Lau established his own company- A.LOUD Asia. With his numerous connections to the business world, his company became very successful with corporate clients requesting for his services with branding strategies, marketing and media events, etc.[7] Lau has won over 20 industry prizes, with the most notable one being "Gold: APAC SABRE Award – Travel & Leisure for ZUJI StarZ Campaign, 2012"

Using his PR identity, he has helped and supported others. For example, during 2016 his nomination allowed his close friend and successful virologist Dr Choi Man Lik to attain the honour of “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection[8]” and in 2018 his efforts contributed to the big media presence the kowloon bus salary adjustment movement received in HK and online, the voices of the media pressurized KMB and the government to take action to right this wrong.

Political Background

  • June 2019: Became a member of Hi!Freedom
  • 9 July 2019 : Became a member of DeliberationTW.
  • 9 October 2019: Formally declared participation in the district council elections.[9]
  • 24 November 2019: Officially elected as Discovery park's district councilor.
  • 1 January 2020: Assumed position of Discovery park's district councilor.
  • 1 January 2020: Became a "non-partisan" member.

Although he had no previous affiliations with politics (other than serving the Democratic Party’s Tuen Mun District Council as an election assistant), after seeing the inspirational actions of the HK community he decided that he must step up and make a change. During his election period he organised multiple events to better the Tsuen Wan society, for example post-protest tear gas remnant clean ups at Yeung Uk Road market,[10][11] offering care packages to the elderly and setting up street posts at the Victoria Park protests to help the rallies. Due to his contributions to the pro-democratic society, he became a member of "Hi! Freedom". He believed that his associations and expertise to his previous PR background would benefit him as well as the people he is serving. As a district council leader he could use PR specialised techniques that would allow him to more easily achieve his goals during the negotiation process and decided to use these advantages to better service his community.

After becoming the district councillor of Discovery park, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in HK. Initially, Adrian had masks donated to him personally, but instead he believed that he should support the community that has supported him throughout his journey as an district council candidate which is why he created the facemask campaign “Protection is not limited” that serves as a mutual community aid. After the campaign attained some level of success, a manufacturer approached him with a factory worth of facemasks, which is why he became one of the main mask providers in the Discovery Park district, providing quality face masks at a reasonable price to the underprivileged.

Final results of the 2019 District council elections[12]

The information provide below was collected on the day of the elections.

2019 Tsuen Wan District Council - Discovery Park Election Results
Political party Election candidate Vote count % ±
DeliberationTW 1. Adrian Lau 4498 54.18 n/a
Roundtable 2. Michael Tien 3804 45.82 -18.7[13]
Majority 694 8.36 n/a


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