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AceBeat Music
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FounderDerrick Mungin

AceBeat Music originally known as Ace Beat Records is an American record label and production company founded by Derrick “Ace” Mungin. The company carries out its business activities mainly from New Jersey. It is primarily known as the first independent record label in New Jersey that gained recognition for its gospel, soulful, dance, and house hit music releases with artists such as Michelle Ayers, Jeff Redd, Blue Magic, Alicia Myers, Ray Barretto Jr, and several others.[1]


Derrick Mungin led the foundation of AceBeat Music in 1985, after gaining significant notoriety as a prominent Dj, hosting regular events and live performances. He established the record label in New Jersey where he learned his music skills. The record label started as the first independent record label in NJ and gained attention by working with groups such as Jomanda, Blaze, Paul Scott, Charvoni, and Intense for their hit releases. After working with the notable soulful music artist Michelle Ayers, AceBeat Music began excelling at the house, gospel, dance, and soulful music production.

AceBeat Music further strengthened its reputation by hosting a wide range of club events, concerts, and underground parties. Prominent DJs such as Larry Levan, Tony Humphries, and Larry Patterson played AceBeat Music tracks at their club events and concerts held at NJ Club Zanzibar and NYC Paradise Garage. The record label is known for gaining huge recognition and fame with the release of the track “Let the Rain Come Down”, which quickly became an instant classic in NJ.

In the 2000s, the record label expanded its operations beyond music production and releases with the launch of its first apparel shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey.[2] The label further thrived in the digital world by creating music that would be in accordance with the Mp3 players and iPods that emerged as prominent music players.[3]

With the release of the Garage Movement album, the record label started gaining significance and listeners outside the USA as well.[4]

In 2002, the record label expanded operation and added Apparel/Record Shop.[5][6]


In 2019, the record label entered a partnership with England’s 2A record label, which helped AceBeat Music in gaining an audience in the Europe and UK as well.[7]

AceBeat Music is also known to have partnered with Derrick “Ricky” Nelson, and the partnership resulted in the release of several hits including “If You Know”, which was featured on The World Network Video Gospel and B.E.T.[8]

List of artists

Some of the renowned artists who have worked with AceBeat Music and/or had music released under the label are:

  • Jeff Redd
  • Blue Magic
  • Alicia Myers
  • Ray Barretto Jr.
  • Michelle Ayers
  • Paul Scott
  • Jazmina
  • Khison
  • Kelton Cooper
  • Sonya Rogers
  • Marc Sadane
  • Joyce Sims
  • Mariko
  • Derrick Ricky Nelson
  • Carmen Brown
  • Byron Stingily
  • Minister Steve
  • Cassondra Klemons
  • Lois Anderson
  • Sonya Rogers
  • Tony Payton
  • Gail Mungin
  • Bishop Jessica Walker
  • Arthur Perkins


Year Title Singer Type
2010 Gospel Aerobic Workout Essential Vol 3 Ricky Nelson, Minister Steve, Gail Mungin, Tony Payton Album
2010 AWord4U God’s Got Flavor Ricky Nelson, Bishop Jessica Walker, William Williams, Cassondra Klemons, Lois Anderson Album
2010 Gospel Aerobic Workout Essential Vol 2 Eddie Nicholas, Ricky Nelson, 6th Avenue, Intense, Kelton Cooper Album
2011 Body of Work - The Classic Jersey House Sound Intense, Jazmina, Sonya Rogers, Arthur Perkins Album
2011 Gospel Workout Dancing in the Spirit Minister Steve, Louria Matlock, Arthur Perkins, 6th Avenue Album
2012 Body of work volume 2 Album
2013 Christian Gospel Workout Ray Barretto, Ricky Nelson, Darren Deac Edward, Syreeta White, Dee Holloway, Keith Edwards Album
2013 Jersey Love Creme Album
2014 Dance Sweat and Worship Ray Barretto, Alex Hunt, DJ Punch Mix
2015 Take a Look Kyle Abercrombie Single
2015 No Turn Around Gordon Nelson Jr Single
2016 Spirit Fitness Workout Essentials Compilation
2016 EDM - Time for a New Birth EP
2016 Club A Lot Creme Single
2016 Diamond & Pearls ReSurface AKA Surface Single
2016 Love Song Joyce Sims Remix
2016 Surface EP
2017 The Gospel House Music Hit List Compilation
2017 Reasons Byron Stingley
2018 Dance Dance Dance Khison Single
2018 Let the Rain come down Intense Album
2018 Let the Rain Come Down Compilation
2019 Christmas in the House Single
2019 Let’s Celebrate Mariko Single
2019 Hope and Happiness Dawn Souluvn Williams Single
2020 Gospel Workout Dancing in the Spirit Compilation
2020 Soulful House Grooves Legacy Album
2021 Black and Beautiful Yaiyah Single
2021 I Thank You Kenny Bobien Single
2021 AceBeat Instrumentals Compilation
2021 Mercy Mercy Me Eddie Stockley
2021 It's a man's world Dawn Souluvun Williams
2022 When A Man Loves A Woman Dawn Souluvun Williams
2022 Fast Steppin’ Michelle Ayers
2022 Acebeat Steppin’ Mix Acebeat Steppin’ Mix

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