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Aashu Patel
આશુ પટેલ
Aashawinkumar Khant

(1968-07-18) July 18, 1968 (age 55)
  • Author
  • Journalist
  • Columnist
  • Ravjibhai Khant (father)
  • Savitaben Khant (mother)
Writing career
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  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
PeriodModern Gujarati literature
  • Novel
  • Journalist
  • Columnist

Aashu Patel is a Gujarati author and journalist who has penned down Fifty-One books, interviewed and has written several weekly and daily columns novels and documentary series in many Gujarati daily newspapers and magazines like Gujarat Samachar, Mumbai Samachar, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar, Mid-day, Gujarat Mitra, Loksatta, Jansatta, Samkaleen (Indian Express group), Femina, Abhiyaan, Hi India (Indo-American newspaper in the U.S.), etc.

He had been invited by the United States government as a guest in September 2004 and the government of Macau in October 2005. His English book 'Madam X'' English is soon to be adapted for the screen.[1]

Early Life & Background

He was born in a small village named Jam Sakhpur in Jamnagar district of Gujarat, on 18th July 1968. His official name is Ashwinkumar Khant. Aashu Patel is his pen name which he adopted when he moved to Mumbai. His father, Ravjibhai Khant was a farmer, and his mother, Savitaben Khant is a homemaker. Leading a simple life, Patel grew up with four siblings, three sisters and an elder brother. Second, to the youngest, he left home at the age of 18 in 1987 to pursue his dreams to become a journalist in Mumbai. After moving to Mumbai, he rose fast in his career and build a vast network. The veteran journalists he learned under often praised his skills, dedication, and presence of mind.[2]


In 1987, he started his career as a Reporter in Gujarati magazine Abhiyaan. After that, he became the Chief Reporter at Yuvadarshan magazine in 1989. He worked for Udaan weekly for some time. He edited a magazine from 1991 to 1993.

He joined Gujarat Samachar, in 1995 as a special correspondent. He had worked for Mumbai Samachar as a special correspondent for some time. In January 1998, he became the Resident Editor of Sandesh Newspaper and held the post until April 2003. He then went on to become the City News Editor of the Mumbai Edition of Gujarat Samachar in 2003. After this, he was the Resident Editor at GujaratMitra, and then he once again became the City News Editor at Gujarat Samachar. Currently, he is the Editor and pioneer of the only premium Gujarati monthly magazine Cocktail Zindagi.

In September 2004, he visited the United States as a guest of the US government on the invitation of the Department of State. He attended the Third International Kashmir Peace Conference in Washington. In October 2005, he was also invited by the government of Macau when he visited Macau, Hong Kong, and China.

He has co-produced two Hindi plays named “Aakhir Kyon?” in 2002 and “K…K…Kiran” in 2006. He was the Creative Producer in India’s first Gujarati sports film, 'Gujarat 11'[3] directed by Jayant Gilatar. Bollywood director Tigmanshu Dhulia making a film based on his English novel, Madam X.[4][5][6]


Gujarati Literature

  • Off The Record
  • Vishchakra[7]
  • The Don[8]
  • Mix Masala
  • Sat + Ek = Shoonya
  • 36, Pali Hill
  • Point Blank
  • Lamp Post
  • Chal Man Mumbai Nagari
  • Dharo Ke...
  • Around America
  • Ishk Vishk Pyar Vyar
  • On The Record
  • Mrugjal
  • Madam X[9]
  • Sukh No Password[10]
  • Mrs. Mafia[11]
  • Jeevan Chalne Ka Naam[12]
  • Sukh Dot Com[13]
  • Sukh @ Life.in[14]
  • Once Upon A Time Part 1 & 2[15]
  • Narendra Modi: Tasir Tasviroma
  • Zindaginama[16]
  • Ek Rasta Hai Zindagi
  • Jeevan Ek Safar[17]
  • Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi[18]
  • Life Circus : Show Must Go On
  • Life Dot Com[19]
  • Ek Rochak Zindagi Ni Varta, Ek Varta Ma Romanchak Zindagi[20]
  • Sukh Safari[21]
  • Mukam Post Sukh[22]
  • Colours Of Life[23]
  • Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro[24]
  • Life Rainbow
  • Life Unlimited
  • Mukam Post Manas
  • Sukhotsav
  • Jeevan Safari
  • Pin Code 101 part 1[25]
  • Pin Code 101 Part 2[26]
  • Zindagi Ek Mukam
  • Zindagi No Password
  • Vat Ek Raatni
  • Life Galaxy
  • Sukhnama
  • Zindagi Ek Dhoopchhanv

English Literature

  • Madam X (Novel)[27]
  • Narendra Modi (A Visionary Prime Minister)[28]
  • Reshu (Novel)
  • 11, North Avenue (Novel)

Hindi Literature

  • Baat Ek Raat ki (Novel)


His book "Narendra Modi (A Visionary Prime Minister)" is launched by Smriti Irani and thi is become the largest book launch event of Indian History.[29]


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