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Founded2021; 3 years ago (2021)
Headquarters9101 LBJ Fwy #300 Dallas, TX, US 75243
Area served
Key people
  • Hassan Bawab (CEO)
  • Andrei Morosanu (COO)
  • Luke Millard (Founder)
ProductsAsimi Tokens

Asimi is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency token that offers an easy way to earn money online and is freely exchangeable in online advertising.[1][2] Asimi is available for purchase on the P2PB2B exchange.[3] Hashing Ad Space, an internet business platform provides Asimi a platform to earn cryptocurrency income. It is a way to earn online by completing simple tasks, such as completing surveys, watching ads, and playing games.[4]

Launched in 2018, Asimi’s pre-defined minting schedule of 17,438 tokens are awarded directly to “Ad Minters” wallets every day.[5]


Asimi which is the Greek name for silver is specifically designed to help stimulate the mining of real-world silver. It has been sold, used for purchases, generated affiliate commissions, and served over 1 billion advertising since its inception. There is no Initial Coin Offering in Asimi, it is purchased for advertising and also earned for watching ads.

New users earn Asimi for free just by completing simple online tasks. These users are then introduced to the world of crypto, learning how to set up a wallet, make deposits and withdrawals, how to trade cryptos, and more.

The total supply of this cryptocurrency is put at 67000000. Out of this figure, the sum of 592000 is to be shared among the miners. The sharing rate is to start at 17438 per day. Sales are to be rewarded at the rate of 4 percent for the minting package. In addition to that, there is 50% of the earnings from direct referrals. 76% of tokens are to be minted through ad views and 7.6% Asimi are allocated for affiliate commissions. Asimi will ”pre mint” 2.7% of tokens to use at their discretion.

To qualify for minting, an Asimi minter must personally own greater than 100 Asimi tokens. The quantity of Ads a minter can mint is determined by the quantity of Asimi a minter owns, the more Asimi they own, the more Asimi they can mint. Minters own their Asimi in their own independent wallets. The best way to earn more of this cryptocurrency is to watch more ads.


The act of watching the ad is what is known as minting asimi for members of the platform. These ads are available for free members and premium members. However, there is a limitation to the number of ads to which the free members can watch compared to what is available to the premium members of the system.

Asimi is paid directly to the member wallets. If the user wants to mint more than one ad daily, then they can purchase minting packages. The more packages the user purchases the more they can mint. A package can be effective for 365 days. Each of the packages that last for that number of days can cost the sum of $100. One hundred percent of that is still the member's because it comes back to their wallet at the end of 365 days.

Asimi's technology links marketers and viewers in a novel manner. Asimi is based on the Waves blockchain, which makes transactions easy, rapid, and low-cost.


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