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APE-X NFT is a self-sustaining, decentralized autonomous organization operating on the Avalanche Ecosystem. This project has gained recognition for offering a unique set of features to its tokens such as Liquidity Generation, Frictionless Yield, and Deflationary.[1]


APE-X token comes with the variety of features such as:

Liquidity Generation

Once 1 billion APE-X has been collected in the token contract, half of it will be sold to AVAX automatically. The remaining half of APE-X will be combined with the previously acquired AVAX and added to the liquidity pool. (5% of all transactions are compiled in the token contract.)

Frictionless Yield

4% of all transactions will be automatically given proportionally to existing APE-X holders. Upon holding the tokens for longer periods of time, the holders will receive more prizes from this 4%.


At conception, 50% of the whole supply will be burned, making the burn address the greatest holder. 50% of the 4% granted to token holders will be sent to the burn address, lowering supply even more!


In the initial phase of the APE-X, it launched its official Token Website along with various social media profiles including Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.[2] Simultaneously APE-X also applied for a listing on Coingecko,[3] Coinmarketcap,[4] and Blockfolio.

As of January 2022, APE-X is in its second phase, where it is applying for new exchange listings along with the development of the APE-X DAO APP. Simultaneously the company is also building partnerships with large social media platforms. In this phase, APE-X also launched its merchandise store.

In the third phase, APE-X will organize a community vote for 2022 initiatives, partner with artists for the NFT series amongst other exchange listings.


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