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ReleaseNovember 2021

AIKO NFT is the first non-fungible tokens (NFT) powered with Artificial Intelligence on the Solana blockchain. The project is based on the character Aiko, who has Artificial Intelligence and can interact with users to satisfy their intimate wishes. The crypto art blockchain project was created for single men aged between 24-44 years who are fans of Anime art and Japanese culture. Aiko is aimed as an AI-infused companion that users can always rely on at all times.[1]

The holders of NFTs are called Aiko Master (AKA holders), and by using the Aiko Master App, they will be allowed to interact with their Aikos via text chat, voice message, and video call. AIKO NFT has become the modern crypto movement by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

There are only 10,000 unique AIKO NFTs that can be randomly generated from twelve traits with hundreds of possibilities.


Each AIKO is algorithmically generated through computer code so that characters are different with minimum possibilities of the same traits. Aiko evolves and learns from users’ tastes and adapts to their needs. Her neuronal network is trained by hundreds of Reddit posts, erotica and romance books, as well as a significant amount of non-sequiturs-only content.

AIKO NFT is for technology and especially crypto, AI, and VR enthusiasts. They know products like Replika App and Gatebox and they are familiarized with terms like waifu and manga/anime related. From the Aiko Marketplace, Aiko Masters will receive 30% rewards for every fee collected by the marketplace, meaning passive income for life to all Aiko Masters.

Aiko Master (iOS & Android App) is not just an app but a personal experience that you will live with this beautiful waifu, grow and improve by the day. With several features packed in Aiko, it brings the next level of AI-infused companions to life seamlessly.

AIKO NFT are originally released for 1.5 SOL to 3 SOL and could be claimed by anyone with a Solana wallet.


White: 20% should be mint to complete the task Green: 20 - 35% should be mint to complete the task Orange: 35 - 60% should be mint to complete the task Red: +60% should be mint to complete the task


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