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Živko Dabić
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Badovinci, Mačva

Živko Dabić (Serbian Cyrillic: Живко Дабић; Jautina, near Valjevo, 1777 - Badovinci, Mačva, 1807)[1]was a captain (boluk-bashi) in the First Serbian Uprising under the command of his father-in-law Jakov Nenadović.[2]


Živko Dabić was born in the village of Jautina in the nahiya of Valjevo in 1777[1]or 1778.[3] When the uprising against the Dahije in Šumadija broke out at the beginning of 1804, the Serbian War of Liberation began. Živko Dabić joined the revolutionaries as an ordinary soldier, fighting side-by-side with his fellow compatriots from Valjevo.[3]Later, he became Jakov Nenadović's right-hand-man (Momak) and as such, was given greater responsibilities in command. On 17 January 1806 Živko Dabić with Luka Lazarević scattered the Turks at the Jadar river near Lešnica. The uprising continued to spread over Kolubara, with voivode Jakov Nenadović and Živko Dabić reaching Šabac from Valjevo. In a short time, Živko Dabić and his senior voivodes Jakov Nenadović and Luka Lazarević became among the leading fighters in the Nahiya. Živko's father-in-law commanded the northwestern Valjevo nahiya at the time. From 1805, when the rebels fought for liberation, against the Ottoman Empire, Dabić, Nenadović and Lazarević garnered several important victories with their bravery and strategic tactics. [4] On 6 January 1806 Živko Dabić, Jakov Nenadović and Luka Lazarević began the siege of Šabac, while Karađorđe set off from Belgrade to join them; on the way, Karađorđe learnt that Ottoman Bosnian troops were about to cross the Drina and thus immediately dispatched Lazarević.[5] Lešnica on 17 January 1806, Živko Dabić under the command of Luka Lazarević defeated the Turks at Ranitovac after a day of fighting, with much of the enemy troops drowning in the Jadar river. [5]He also participated in the Battle of Čučuge on 4 April 1806 with his kin Gaja Dabić. Dabić died heroically in the Battle of Loznica in 1808. His remains were taken from the battlefield to a cemetery at the Monastery of Kaon.[3]

Ancestral origin

There is a village named Dabići near Gola Glava, Valjevo, where one of the most famous and richest families of the 19th century used to live. Originally their name was Karadžić from Morača near Lijeva Rijeka, of the Vasojevići clan, a historical Tribes of Montenegrin Highland tribe.[6]From Morača came three Karadžić brothers -- Uglješa, Milić and Dabiša -- who settled in Tamnava, near Valjevo with the 1719-1739 migration. From the first two (Uglješa and Milić) grew into more families in Kolubara, Tamnava (Negići from Raduša), and spread all the way to Kupinovo, and from Dabiša came Dabić. The famed insurgents and revolutionaries of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804 -- Živko and Gaja Dabić. Gaja Dabić later became president of the Valjevo court, his son Marko became a state advisor.[7]


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