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The sources of the Uzyn Kargaly river lie on the Northern slope of the main ridge of the Zailiysky Alatau. The river is formed by the confluence of the Kargaly, Maibulak, Eguardian, Sary-SAI and Leak that originate in the snowfields and glaciers. None of the glaciers has a proper name. The upper reaches of the Uzyn-Kargaly river are significantly branched. The ridge of mountains that closes the river basin is covered with stable snow almost all the way. The lower border descends from the ridge by an average of 100 - 150 meters vertically. The highest peak of the gorge is 4232 meters above sea level. Glaciers, up to a total of nine, most of the Cirque and the hanging. The largest of them do not exceed 2 kilometers in length. The length of the gorge is about 37 km. The Uzyn Kargaly river belongs to the Kurty river basin that flows into the Ili river. The entire length of the gorge has a General direction of South-West-North-East. The gorge is bordered by tract Licenses and Maibulak in the West, and the natural boundary Ushkonyr in the East. In the upper reaches of the gorge, the ridge begins to exceed the mark of 4000 meters above the level, and here small glaciers appear on the Northern slopes. The subalpine zone along the main ridge averages 32 km. This is the second length of the Main ridge in a single gorge of the Trans-ili Alatau after the Turgen|Turgen gorge. In the circuses of the gorge's glaciers, seven unnamed peaks exceed 4000 m, as well as the peaks of Tumannaya, Teketau and Uzlovaya. The main mountain range has four simple passes: Tykiya, Kumbel, Kashkasu, and Kargaly. In the Western ridge that departs from the main ridge, in the gorge of the aleyak tributary, there is the Karakiya cattle pass leading to the Uzyn Agash gorge. In the gorge of the Kargaly river above the confluence with the Maybulak river is a small lake Zhasylkol. In the upper reaches of the Maybulak gorge in the subalpine zone, in the left branch there are two large and old moraine lakes Maybulak. Back in the 40s of the XX century, Soviet climbers went to the local peaks, but it is difficult to find descriptions of routes. Approach from the village. Kargaly in the upper reaches of the gorge is quite long about 40 km. 10 km shorter-through the Ushkonyr plateau and the Shymbulak pass. The estimated complexity of routes to the peaks from 1B to 3A K. S. the routes are complex. they may pass along the rocks of the Kazakhstan Trident peak and along the ice-rock slopes of the unnamed peak 4170 m, consisting of 3 peaks, ending in 400 m vertical walls to the North. The peak is the highest point of the gorge. Tumannaya peak is the westernmost four-thousandth peak of the Trans-ili Alatau, where the last glacier in the West of the mountain range is located. Unnamed peaks located to the East are easier to climb.

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Uzyn Kargaly gorge in the Western part of the Zailiysky Alatau range, 50 km West of Almaty. At the mouth of the gorge is the village of Kargaly. The summer Hiking season in this area is longer by 1 month due to less precipitation. However, the lack of forest affects the daily temperature difference. The climate here is somewhat sharper. At night it is colder by 3-5 degrees, and during the day it is correspondingly hotter. Winter is much stronger, the difference with a Little Almalinski Gorge can reach up to 10 degrees. In the warm season, you need to be careful in the gorge. The severity of the climate to some extent determines the presence of various types of snakes, including poisonous ones.


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