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The Triton cockatoo is one of the four subspecies of the sulphur-crested cockatoo.[1][2] It is considered a pest in its natural habitat.[3]


It is white, with a large yellow crest that it can raise. It is 45-55 cm long and can live up to 40 years.[4]


It can be found in most of Papua New Guinea and the surrounding islands.[4]


It can be found in plains, farmland, rainforests or evergreen forests with a height limit of up to 1400 meters high.[4]


They regularly call in the morning and evening and are vocal birds[3]. When it is not breeding season they can form large groups which travel large distances foraging for food.[4]


They mainly eat seeds, fruits and occasionally insects.[4]


They are aggressive, solitary and territorial during breeding season, which is from August to January in Australia and may to September in Papua new Guinea. It nests in tree cavities, like most cockatoos. They fill the nest with leaves and vines as padding and lay 2-3 eggs, which both parents incubate for approximately 26 days.[4]

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