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The TechMed Centre (or Technical Medical Centre / Technisch Medisch Centrum (in Dutch)) is the research institute for healthcare technology at the University of Twente.[1] The research institute was created in 2018 after the merger of the MIRA institute, the biomedical training courses at the Universtity of Twente and the Simulation Centre (formerly known as ECTM)[1][2]. It consists of 500 employees[3] and 1500 students Medical Technology.[2] The institute focuses on the final step of healthcare technology innovation, to go from technical innovation to a final product for doctors and patients to use[4].

It does this by offering a medical simulation centre where students can get experience with medical equipment, researchers can conduct experiments in a medical environment and where startups and other companies can test and validate their products.[5]

This simulation centre houses the eHealth House, Europe's first simulated living enviroment for testing electronic devices that improve (a patient's) health, such as a table that measure how much someone eats and with what speed. With colours or images it stimulates users to eat better.[4] There is also a hybrid operating room (OR) with equipment from Siemens.[2]

The TechMed Centre is - among others - partners with Holland Innovative Twente, De Koning Medical Systems (DKMS), Panton, MST hospital, ZGT hostpital.[5]


The management of the TechMed Centre consists of a Managing Director, a Chairman of the Discipline counsil, an Educational Director, a Medical Director and a Scientific Director.[6]

Currently, the management team constists of the following members[1]:

Managing Director

Ir. R. Burie[7]

Chairman of the Discipline counsil H.F.J.M. Koopman

Educational Director

Dr. H.A.T. Miedema

Medical Director

Dr. J.T. Tamsma[7]

Scientific Director N.J.J. Verdonschot[7]

New TechMed Centre building

In November 2019, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands officially opened the new building of the TechMed Centre.[8] The new TechMed Centre is housed in the renovated "Technohal" (or Process Technology Hall) that formerly housed the Art Academy AKI; the renovation cost around 25 million euros and has a size of around 7,000 square meters[2]. The building has already been nicknamed the Glass Cathedral.[9]


The research of the TechMed Centre is divided in five research domains and two strategic programmes[10]

Research domain

  • Bioengineering technologies
  • Biorobotics
  • Health, well-being & technology
  • Imaging & diagnostics
  • Medical physiology

Strategic programmes

  • Personalized eHealth Technology
  • TopFit Impact Programme

Among others, two startup companies conduct research at the facilities of the Technical Medical Centre. The first company researches a technology for detection of the sentinel lymph node and the second company develops the Spineguide, to be used in surgery of patients with scoliosis[5]. Another spinoff is Machnet Medical Robotics that focueses on the development of a robot for MRI-guided biopsies.[11]

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