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The Handy

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'''The Handy''' is an upscale automatic stroker designed and developed by SweetTech AS, a Norwegian company that has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway.<ref>{{cite web |title=r/homeautomation - We connected our masturbator to Google Home though IFTTT ( |url= |accessdate=22 September 2020}}</ref> The device is a masturbatory aid, and it officially entered the adult market in April 2019. Within a few months of its launch, several thousand units were sold.<ref>{{cite web |title=r/theHandy - [NSFW] Have you tried Handy with other toys? |url= |website=reddit |accessdate=22 September 2020}}</ref>
== History ==
Orion also has traits the young Handy brand is developing within their organization and with customers – which is a reputation for honesty and loyalty.
Although having Orion as a retail partner wasn’t exactly easy for SweetTech as the retailer has a strict and rigid legal process. However, the strong retail success and image of Orion is something the Handy founders would like to be associated with.
At present, the Handyfeeling website has a handful of sex movies that users can sync their devices with. In the near future, the Handy team has a goal of producing about 4,000 movies. Based on the recently concluded Handy survey result, which shows customer demands, the company had to develop stronger bands for the masturbator.
The bands are available for sale, but the production of new cups is still underway because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the closedown of several factories in China.

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