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Kyree Hollis

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'''Kyree Hollis''' (born on 2nd September 1996 in Indianapolis, Indiana) also known as '''kyreedatsme''' is an American entrepreneur, actor, music influencer, social media personality, and digital marketing expert.<ref>{{Cite web|last=Malc|date=2020-03-22|title=Get To Know: Music Influencer Kyree Hollis|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=KAZI. MAGAZINE|language=en-US}}</ref> Hollis has gained a lot of media attention with his videos going viral on Triller. Hollis became a dominant figure as the founder of The Orenda Agency, a digital marketing company that pioneers in managing social media accounts, publicity, streaming campaigns, and digital marketing for the entertainment industry.<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-03-31|title=Kyree Hollis Talks Childhood, Triller Success, & More|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=RESPECT.|language=en-US}}</ref> Hollis has received numerous accolades for his works in movies, and tv shows including Kong: Skull Island directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and Disney Channel show "Gamers Guide".<ref>{{Cite web|title=Kyree Hollis Talks L.A., Lil Uzi Vert & Social Media Engagement|url=|url-status=live|website=}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-03-31|title=Kyree Hollis Talks Childhood, Triller Success, & More|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=RESPECT.|language=en-US}}</ref> Hollis’s prominence in volunteer service in the United States Veterans Association (USVA) propelled him as a prominent figure and has been consistently covered in major news media outlets.
Right from his early career, Hollis has associated acts with R&B and Hip-Hop legends Diddy and Teddy Riley.<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-04-11|title=Meet Kyree Hollis, The Digital Marketing Strategist Who Is Disrupting The Music Industry|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=The Hustler's Digest|language=en-US}}</ref> He continued to innovate A&R for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development of recording artists and songwriters.<ref>{{Cite web|title=Kyree Hollis Talks Digital Marketing, Working With Diddy & Teddy Riley, & Love For Music & Sports|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=The Hype Magazine|language=en-US}}</ref> He has also strategized and worked for Cam'ron 2020 debut, Purple Haze 2.<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-04-01|title=Meet Kyree Hollis, a top digital marketing strategist & music influencer|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=Disrupt|language=en-US}}</ref> Hollis contribution to the success of rising producers and artist including King Combs, Tyla Yaweh and Houdini, Daytona Fox, Tank God, Priority DP, and D. Sheats made him a popular A&R in the entertainment industry.<ref>{{Cite web|date=2020-04-29|title=Kyree Hollis and His Rise as an Innovative Music Influencer and Digital Marketing Mogul|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=Influencive|language=en-US}}</ref>

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