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Kyree Hollis

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== Career ==
Kyree Hollis emphasizes the foundation of his career working for American singer-songwriter Edward "Teddy" Riley as the executive assistant.<ref>{{Cite web|title=Kyree Hollis Talks L.A., Lil Uzi Vert & Social Media Engagement|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=News Break|language=en}}</ref> Soon, he started collaborating with influencers, brands, and celebrities. In 2015, he founded The Orenda Agency to provide specialized services to the influencers and entertainment industry.<ref>{{Cite web|last=Miss2Bees|date=2020-04-12|title=The Source {{!}}Industry Highlight: Kyree Hollis Is Shaping The Music Industry|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|website=The Source|language=en-US}}</ref>
Through his agency, he has helped people collaborate together and build teams in the entertainment industry.<ref>{{Cite web|title=The Wiki Encyclopedia for Everything|url=|access-date=2020-06-27|}}</ref> Under his leadership, The Orenda Agency has grown organically and is considered pioneer in providing coaching, consulting, training and planning in the entertainment industry.

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