Shatavia S. Green

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Shatavia S. Green
Shatavia Green.JPG
BornJuly 6
NationalityIndigenous American
EducationBA in Media Communications and Theater
Known forSpiritual Teachings, community activism, women empowerment
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Shatavia S. Green (born July 6), also known as Conjure Queen, is an American mentor, speaker, life coach, internet personality, self-help YouTube vlogger, and podcaster. Green has a YouTube channel, Conjure Queen, where she influences and motivates millions of people regarding spiritual values. Her channel has gained attention and has received thousands of subscribers globally. She has created more than 200 videos that have over seven million views.

Green is known for her spiritual teaching, community activism, spiritual mentorship, interpretations of dreams, and women empowerment presentation. She also curates social events, hosts women's spiritual retreats, and teaches classes on metaphysics, alchemy, and indigenous spirituality.

Green was a featured speaker at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, the Melanin Conference in Houston, Texas, and Black Women Healing Retreat in Costa Rica. She also runs a podcast, Conjure Queen Podcast, available on all major streaming platforms.

Early life and education

Green was born on July 6 in Brooklyn, NY. She completed her BA in Media Communications and Theater, gaining knowledge about public relations. After completing academics, Green learned several mass communication tools after realizing that she needed to understand mass communication better and how to use it effectively.


Green started her career in the education field in 2015. Soon, she realized she was stuck in this job as there wasn't any learning opportunity. She got frustrated and bored, so she decided to switch to a new career path. Her interest in business makes her an entrepreneur of aromatherapy work. At the same time, she also started creating digital content on her YouTube channel, Conjure Queen. On her channel, she shares videos about the personal experiences she felt on spiritual tours.

Furthermore, in time, she developed a community dubbed Divine Royalty, a group where people can collectively discuss common issues and interesting topics. Green also started different online classes related to her spiritual mentoring in 2021. In this class, she speaks live with her audience.

Personal life

Green is an avid traveler and is often seen traveling to spiritual places. She often motivates her audience to protect their spiritual thoughts. She also writes about religion, spirits, and people's beliefs. She lives a controlled life where she thinks before taking any action. This practice makes her happier and satisfied.

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