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Riwayat (band)
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Background information
Birth nameTravum
Also known asRiwayat (band)
Born (1995-10-31) 31 October 1995 (age 27)
Perlis, Malaysia
  • Black metal
  • thrash metal
  • Musician
  • band
  • songwriter
  • Drum kit
  • Singing
  • guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Keyboardist
Years active1995–present
Associated acts
  • Riwayat (band)
  • MAKAM (band)
  • Sacrificed (band)
  • Metaphors (band)
  • Dark Abyss (band)
  • Travum (band)

Azrul Anuar Bin Abd Rahim (born 31 October 1981), better known by his stage name Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala or simply BlackDoom, is a Malaysian musician best known as a founding member of the black metal band Riwayat (band). Azrul Anuar Abd Rahim is known as Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala.Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala was born in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.But his life continued at Alor Star after his parent have to transfer as RAMD(Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja Malaysia) soldier.His first step on musician life was playing drum at his 15.His soul is into drum and began to practise his musicianship on drum on his own without teacher. His interest on metal music was increasing everyday and began to listen bands like Marduk,Emperor,Slayer, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Death.The Journey start when he formed a black metal band call 'Travum' when he was 16.When he finished his school ,he began to learn more about extreme drumming at langkawi island with his new band 'Metaphors'(1999),and he also was invited to play in a thrash metal band in langkawi call 'Samartary' on that year,he is first(with Metaphors) performed on Awana Porto Malai Gig and City Bayview gig.He was call back to his home town Alor Setar Kedah Malaysia to continued his study and he formed 'Dark Abyss'(Death Metal)2001 and also a sessionis for Crodox,Kedah tHRASH mETAL.They performed in Sound Master Gig at that town on 2004.After that he moved to Putrajaya and in 2006 he moved again to Perlis and start again to form his own band call "RIWAYAT"(2006).He was perform in Teroka Minda Gig 2009 at penang as a opening act with the band Braindead,Sil Khannaz,Vociferation Eternity,Hayagriva,Samartary,Samaritan,Bilharzia,Dawn Phenomenon,Predicated not Defined.Black Doom also session for a rock band call 'Erosi' (Perlis).He had perform in Battle Of The Band 2008 at kangar stadium and win at 3rd place n BlackDoom accidently win The Best Drummer..arghh shiittt..maybe its a mistake..haha..On 12th October 2018 they are invited by UKHWAHROCKBERSATUPERLIS to perform in NorthJamPerlis Gigs and here they are.. Line by : Are May - Guitars and Vox,Popo - Guitars and Vox , Brodee - Bass ,BlackDoomSriMayangKala - Drum .They play their own unreleased song entitle A Return To The Last Episode ,The Remains, Ilmu Hitam dan Jelangkung (Ritual Of Satan 's cover). On 25th Dec 2018 , Riwayat are invited to perform in Rock Brader Gigs at BMC Recording Studio Arau Perlis and on 5th Jan 2019 ,Riwayat are also invited to perform in Still Hardcore Vol.3 Gigs at that studio playing 6 songs.On 26 July 2019 Riwayat was invited to perform in Musang King Gigs at Bob Music Recording & Studio Arau Perlis.After months,they performed in 'STILL HARDCORE vol.4' on 25 Oct 2019/ BMC Studio, Arau.

RIWAYAT will continue the metal journey in extreme death metal as long as Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala is still around and his drumming become more aggressive in Riwayat.Riwayat like international bands Behemoth,Vader,Decapitated,Cannibal Corpse,Dimmu Borgir,Hate and Thy Mighty Morbid Angel.Locally the most prefered now is Crown Ov Horn(Sabah).Riwayat will plan for recording an album ep's for a death metal scene in malaysia.

Discography: Demo tape 'Metaphors' 2000 CD Demo 'Crodox'2001 Single Demo 'Dark Abyss'2006 PROMO RIWAYAT 'SUMPAH WARISANUSANTARA'2007 ALZANNAKH COMPILATION 2007 DVD TEROKA MINDA 2009 BORN IN DARKNESS 2011


RIWAYAT became a throbbing...when two guys bond by metal spiritual-Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala & Bro D took Popo to pound the Lead Guitar on 2005.Their birth place was way up in the north-west region of Peninsular Malaysia,a state called Perlis-a district called Beseri which translated will mean "Shining arise".An area infested with conservatism and the moral majority types-but nothing cold keep these rabid guys from their inspired noises.

Since Akeyron entered the eternal fire band as vocalist and guitar,it came to nothing so they stick to this line-up:-Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala(Drums,vocals),Bro D(Bass),Popo(Lead Vocal & Guitar)and Fayzen(Rhythm Guitar).Playing their own Black Doom song.

Together they self-recorded a first demo at Bro D’s studio jamming with the skill of computer from Black.

One of the most memorable experiences so far is 2009 : Throughout their journey, RIWAYAT has played alongside some of the biggest name in Malaysia’s Metal scene, including Sil Khannaz,Brain Dead,Hayariva,Mistik,Dreaded,BilHarzia,Samartary,Dawn Phenomenon,Vociferation Eternity and Predicated Not Defined. RIWAYAT are hell's declared as a band since Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala as known as black is the old ancient guy in malaysian metal scene and had created and performed several band since black's life year by year since 1995 like "TRAVUM(R.I.P)1995","METAPHORS(R.I.P)1999","SACRIFICED(R.I.P)2002","DARK ABYSS(Kedah)2004" lastly nowadays "RIWAYAT(Perlis)"and"MAKAM(Langkawi Island)" come to Perlis.And now Black continued his project band "RIWAYAT" with his OldTimer Godfather 'Bro D',the ultimate old school heavy metal bass players and song creator.Bro D is the Oldest Rockers in the band who had very much experience in his own studio management (EROSI Studio),rock music arrangement,Dj,music entertainment and live performance.He also a bass player of his own band "EROSI".Hail!.Popo who performed in the band "EROSI" , "Spanish" and "Secret" now become as a lead guitar possession in "RIWAYAT" and he have good experience in fender n jamming session also had a good metal spirit.He like to explore about metal and underground music!.Fayzen as lead & rhythm guitar.Beside,he possessed as lead guitar in the band called "Secret" and also be the rhythm guitar in "Erosi".Our New Heavy Metal Vocal,AKeyRon who entered the band with metal spirit and he also a guitarist.He is nephew to the drummer of the band called "Jinbara(Malaysia)".

Riwayat firstly are into 80's Classic,Old School Concept Of Black and Death Metal like the old ancient "Suffocation","Rator",BrainDead","Nuclear Assault","SYJ(SOFEA)"and "Samurai".Likely the international bands as "Venom","Rotting Christ","Celtic Frost","DIO","Pentagram","Possessed","Black Sabbath","Motorhead","WASP","AC/DC","Asia","Cinderella","Iron Maiden", many more Europe bands like "KREATOR","DESTRUCTION" n all english metal including all generation bands of true metal in Europe and brazil.

RIWAYAT play Malaybolical Black Metal. Its under the sign of "Daulat Jelmaan Riwayat Purbakala" which means beneath the true remains.The birth place was way up in the north-west region of Peninsular Malaysia,a state called Perlis-a district called Beseri,Padang Besar Malaysia Discography: Demo 'Metaphors 2000' Promo 'Sumpah Warisanusantara'2007 Compilation: AlZannakh 1st Chapter 2008 DVD Teroka Minda 1 2009 Born In Darkness 2011 Current line up: Nefariousz Des Lightbearer - Vocal Are Myr - Guitar and Vocal Bro Dee - Bassist Popo - Guitar and Vocal Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala - drummer,band management Session Line : Gaban - Vocalis Hakim Dean(sessions)-Guitaris Jais - Guitaris Yow - Lead Guitaris Past line up : Aswadi-Vocalis Yas Alias - Guitaris Raja Kumbang - Bassis Fayzen - Guitar Akeyron -Vocalist,Guitar Amir - Guitar Fuad - Guitar Chylone - Bass,vocalist wan - keyboardist mr zarul - manager Pijan - 2nd Guitar Wan Pakdead - Bassist Official Merchandise Org: Nefariousz Des Lghtbearer Official Promoter: Fesal Paduka Raja Bersiong Official Photographer: Azam Necrone (0126920150) Zizo(0173075944)

My bro for me...play in a band is the best feelin ever,better than sex...its a passion.....writing and composing a metal songs is the best things i ever i did in my life....being a big name in malaysia underground scene nahhhhh...its totally not my option.....i dont want being famous...'

'Kesabaran mengiringi,Kepahitan teman hati,Ketenangan itu kunci,Perjuangan kan ku miliki'

'Life For Nothing Or Die With Something'

'Anak Liar Bukan Boneka Pentas yang Kembali Bersama Mimpi Dan Air Mata'

'DIY-Do It Yourself'

'Daulat Jelmaan Riwayat Purbakala'


Erosi Studio , Beseri Perlis Malaysia

In popular culture

The character of Black Doom Sri Mayang Kala is features much of the same Abbath shadows, and nearly identical corpse paint.Lately in 21's he seem to present his hipster style in Black Metal vers. The reference is more apparent in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, as Ümlaüt's hair is jet black (rather than blonde) just like Abbath.



  • Demo tape 'Metaphors' 2000

Dark Abyss

  • Single Demo 'Dark Abyss'2006




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