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Randi Bryant
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Randi Bryant is an American entrepreneur, author, public speaker, trainer, and diversity and inclusion strategist.[1][2] She is the founder and president of Bryant Consulting Group. During her career she has also worked at Freshworks, as its Chief DEI officer.[3] Bryant is the published author of the books “Neversays: 25 Phrases You Should Never Ever Say to Keep Your Job and Your Friends”: It's a practical guide on building and maintaining personal and professional relationships using inclusive language,[4] and "Truthing", and and had an essay included in the book "All The Women in My Family Sing". Bryant is a sought after speaker, who delivers engaging and informative presentations around the globe.

With over 20 years of experience as a diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) strategist, Bryant is known to have worked with companies such as McDonald’s, Benefit Cosmetics, Marriott Hotels, Comcast, and New York Transit Authority.[5] At Bryant Consulting Group, LLC she designed method of change management called "we take your organization's fingerprint and then create your change management blueprint" which became Trademarked.[6]


Bryant holds a bachelor of arts in English from Tuskegee University; a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Design with a focus on multiculturalism from The College of William & Mary.[7] Bryant did her doctorate studies in curriculum and instruction management at the University of Virginia.[8]


While pursuing her Ph.D., Randi was hired by a technology company, CAIS Internet, as the Director of training. She was responsible for all DEI efforts, for delivering product training to customers and managing and for leading customer support and training employees.[9] Randi worked with CAIS to help them go public.

In October 2001, Bryant founded the Bryant Consulting Group, LLC, a change management company.[10] Over the course of 22 years, the company has gained recognition and has amassed a prolific clientele, working with federal agencies, fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits, addressing the DEI issues faced by the organization and its employees.[11] The company under the leadership of Bryant, head diversity and inclusion strategist, excels at delivering training and leadership solutions.[12]

In June 2021, Bryant joined Freshworks, a SaaS software company, as its vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer.[13]

Bryant as a Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, speaker, author, and consultant, has garnered fame and recognition speaking on the subjects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.[14] She is known to have appeared as a notable DEI speaker on several radio and podcast shows. She also writes a blog RandiB.net which has amassed over 50,000 followers. She is known for fostering conversations acknowledging the racial, gender, and cultural issues by equipping people and organizations with the tools and resources to cultivate a real, open dialogue and create spaces where everyone gets a feeling of belongingness.[15]


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