Matiur Rahman (physician)

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Matiur Rahman (physician)
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Born1 june, 1977
Atmool, Shibganj Upazila, Bogura, Bangladesh
Alma mater
  • Medical College
  • Dinajpur presently M Abdur Rahim Medical College
  • Dinajpur. From Edward University
  • University of Rajshahi

Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman is working in health sector management with acknowledgement of primary, secondary and tertiary health care management. He is associated with establishment and operation of medical educational institute. He is also involved in the area of public health. He has been serving as Deputy Executive Director of TMSS[1]. and Associate Professor of Public Health at Pundra University of Science and Technology, Bogura.


Early Life and Education

Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman (born 1 june, 1977) is from Atmool, Bogura, Bangladesh. His adolescence and schooling took place in his village. He completed MBBS from Dinajpur Medical College, Dinajpur presently M Abdur Rahim Medical College, Dinajpur. From Edward University, Wilmington, Delaware, USA he completed his MPH degree. Also he completed his PhD in Public Health from Institute of Bangladesh Studies(IBS), University of Rajshahi.

Career and Achievements

In 2003, he started his career at Rafatullah Community Hospital, TMSS. With his continuous efforts in management TMSS Health Sector has now expanded tremendously as a big sector of MSS and currently he is in the second-top position in TMSS as Deputy Executive Director.[2] TMSS Health Sector is comprised of 750 beds hospital which was 10 beds earlier and there are four more Hospitals[3][4][5] in different location in Bangladesh along with Medical College[6][7], Nursing College[8] and Medical Technology Institutes, MATS[9][10][11][12][13][14][15]. He is a public health personnel through his academic and practical background and he is also Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Health of Pundra University of Science & Technology, TMSS[16] and Adjunct Faculty of Bangladesh Open University.[17]


  • Responses of the Community People Towards covid-19: A Rapid Assessment[18]

Research and Publications

  • Rahman MM (Principal Investigator): Microfinance is a device to develop health status of the beneficiaries; A study on selected branches of TMSS.
  • Rahman MM (Principal Investigator): Infection Control Practices in Different Health Care Settings in Bogura District.
  • Addressing HEM Model (Health-Education-Microfinance): A Tool for Achieving Sustainable Development.[19]
  • Addressing Physical Disabilities of Children by Surgical Interventions: A TMSS Collaboration Project with Smile Train Inc.[20]
  • Contraceptive Practice Among the RMG Workers of Bangladesh: An Awareness Program of TMSS.[21]
  • Providing Quality Primary Health Care to the Microfinance Borrowers and Poor Rural People by the Paramedic.
  • Yasmin T, Hossain MA, Paul SK, Sarkar SR, Kabir MR, Rahman MM, Sultana S, Mowla G, Zahan NA " Direction of TEM, SHV and CTX-M in Mumenshingh Region in Bangladesh", Mymensingh Med J.2013 Jul;22(3):465-72.[22]
  • Patient Satisfaction with Health Care Service in TMC & RCH: A Cross Sectional Study.
  • Staff Drop Out of HEM Grand Sector of TMSS: Measures and Mitigation Study.

International Exposures

To attend seminars, symposiums, training and workshops Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman visited more then 20 countries in Asia, America and Europe continent.



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