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Makoons Play School
Founded2016; 8 years ago (2016)
FounderVijay Kumar Agarwal
HeadquartersGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Area served
India, Nepal, and Bangladesh
Key people
  • Vijay Kumar Agarwal (CEO)
  • Shalini Agarwal (Director of Academics)

Makoons Play School is a group of private educational institutions in India which runs a chain of pre-schools.[1] It is currently running 100+ pre-schools, imparting education to approximately 10,000 students across 35 cities, and 14 states in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.[2][3]

Makoons Play School is dedicated to providing quality education to children and creating an environment that is supportive, engaging, and inspiring. With its innovative approach to education and commitment to excellence, Makoons Play School has established itself as a leader in the early childhood education industry.[4]


Makoons Play School is a chain of pre-schools run by KRS Educreation Pvt. Ltd. based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The chain was founded in 2016 by Vijay Kumar Agarwal, who currently serves as the company’s founder and CEO.[5]

Starting in 2017, Makoons Play School initiated its expansion by implementing franchise models beyond city limits. Over seven years, the number of preschool units under Makoons grew significantly, and it is now present in 35 cities across 14 states in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The preschool is affiliated with various international board that regularly provides updates to enhance the curriculum.[6]

By using a convergent platform to transform its preschool curriculum, Makoons has become the first preschool in India to do so, thereby positioning itself ahead of its competitors in the industry. Makoons strives to provide high-quality pre-primary education[7] and to achieve this, it conducts international exhibitions at prestigious venues such as NAEYC in Washington DC, Trinity College of London, and the Pre-School Learning Alliance in the UK.[8]


Makoons preschool believes that each child is unique and deserves a personalized approach to education. To meet the developmental, social, emotional, intellectual, and educational needs of each child, it offers futuristic child development programs that cultivate 21st-century skills. The classrooms are designed to offer challenging play and learning choices at different developmental levels, and they have learning centres where children can explore, problem-solve, and work collaboratively.[9]

Their curriculum focuses on reading, writing, language, math, science, art, music, and physical fitness activities, and encourages positive interactions between teachers and students to promote the development of emotional, linguistic, and social skills. The program is designed to help children learn at their own pace while exploring new interests and interacting with peers through rhymes, activities, and interactive games. Through the program, children can learn to recognize shapes, figures, letters, colors, and numbers while using all their senses to explore and discover.[10]


Makoons Play School is dedicated to providing a top-tier educational experience for children from all backgrounds. Its commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its diverse student body and policies. The school's facilities include air-conditioned classrooms, CCTV surveillance that can be accessed by parents, a food menu developed by expert nutritionists, and a play area.[11]

Furthermore, given that children today are particularly fond of gadgets, Makoons employs an augmented reality (AR) product called Imacle to create an interactive learning experience that helps them grasp concepts experientially.[12]

Programs offered

  • Toddlers Club (1-1.8 years)
  • Playgroup (1.8-2.5 years)
  • Nursery (2.5-3.5 years)
  • Junior KG (3.5-4.5 years)
  • Senior KG (4.5-5.5 years)
  • Daycare (1.5-12 years)
  • Activity Club (2-10 years)
  • After School Program (2.5-12 years)


Makoons provides franchisees with a partnership-friendly business model that is free of royalty fees. The only purchase required is for the franchise kit, which contains globally recognized teaching materials ideal for early childhood development and a comprehensive setup assistance package for interior design, pre-launch activities, post-launch activities, and more. This model increases market profitability in a competitive environment. With an initial expenditure of Rs. 10 to 15 lakh and a ground-floor area of 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, Makoons' franchise tool can convert a residential property into a viable preschool. After the setup, the company assigns teaching staff to each unit. Candidates are interviewed at Makoons headquarters, and applicants must have at least a bachelor's degree and three years of work experience.[13][14]

Awards and recognitions

  • Knoweldge review award
  • Global Service Excellence Awards
  • Excellence in indian education Awards
  • National Business leadership & service Excellence Awards
  • International Education Service Excellence Awards
  • India's Most Prominent Education Award
  • The 10 Most Promising preschool and daycare in india
  • Best preschool chain in north india
  • Most Innovative Pre School
  • Most Trusted Pre School DELHI-NCR
  • Best Franchisor in Early Child Education -2019
  • Fastest Growing Pre School Network
  • Most Valued Pre School Chain of the Year
  • Top 100 Pre Schools of India 2018-19
  • Most Promising Pre School in Delhi / Ncr
  • Most Promising Pre School & Daycare in India
  • Best Pre School Chain in DELHI-NCR

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