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IndustrySoftware Industry; B2B SaaS
Founded2010; 12 years ago (2010)
FounderSaravana Kumar
HeadquartersLondon, UK
Area served
Key people
  • Sunil Krishna (Vice President - Marketing)
  • Gowri Ramkumar ( Vice President - Sales & Customer Success)

Kovai.co is a B2B SaaS company headquartered in London, UK that operates in the enterprise integration and knowledge management space.[1] The company aims to be a premier technology partner to businesses that are working with Microsoft BizTalk and Azure Serverless. Kovai.co has 5 products, 240+ team members, and serves over 2000+ customers across the world. BizTalk360, Serverless360, Atomic Scope, Document360, and Cerebrata are the prime products offered by Kovai.co. The company also has its operations in Coimbatore, India, and aims to become a SaaS unicorn by 2030.[2]

Kovai.co has been recognized with several accolades like the ‘Bootstrapped Startup of the Year’ by SaaSBOOMi, and the ‘Export Excellence Award’ by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The company was also honored in NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards 2021 under the ‘SaaS’ category. Kovai.co also emerged as a winner of The Economic Times Startup Awards 2021.[3]


Kovai.co is a bootstrapped company founded in 2010 by its CEO Saravana Kumar and employs over 240 people, with over 2,000 clients. Saravana, after working as a Software Consultant in London for a decade, identified a gap in the availability of necessary tools in the market to manage and monitor Microsoft BizTalk Server environments. In 2010, Saravana attended a Microsoft conference in Redmond, Washington where he floated his innovative idea with his fellow technology enthusiasts. After spending a year building the initial version, Saravana demonstrated his product at the same conference that received much positive feedback. He then finally launched his first product BizTalk360 in June 2011, and within a couple of weeks received the first order from Hong Kong.[4]

Kovai.co derives its name from Coimbatore, the founder's home town. The town Coimbatore was called Kovanputhur with an abbreviated version called Kovai. The use of the word Kovai for Coimbatore is still in existence, and it has an emotional attachment to the people of Coimbatore. However, the company was known on the basis of its first product BizTalk360 for quite some time. It was only in 2018, that the company was rebranded as Kovai.co.[5]

Products & Services

The signature products offered by Kovai.co include:

BizTalk360: BizTalk360 is Kovai.co’s flagship product and first launch. It helps with administration, monitoring and analytics. The product helps its users provide safe and audited access to all its stakeholders, from technical IT employees to business users. BizTalk360 also aids clients with SQL Server Management, maintains a consolidated tracking manager, and monitors business transaction processing.

Serverless360: Kovai.co’s Serverless360 helps its clients ensure structured documentation, end-to-end tracking, and automatic mapping of Azure services like Service Bus, Logic Apps, and APIM to depict the application and spotlight the issues. The companies can also have a real-time depiction of their KPIs on an intuitive dashboard ideal for any anomaly detection. The Kovai.co tool also helps enable and fasten the cross-team collaboration. Security and regulatory risks can also be mitigated with this product.

Document360: This product by Kovai.co is a cloud-based self-service knowledge base solution that enables users to create, collaborate and publish their knowledgebase articles in real-time. Document360 helps users with technical documentation, and creates SOPs like employee handbooks, and marketing playbooks. The users can also integrate their knowledge base with ticketing systems like Zendesk and Freshdesk, and analytics tools like Google Analytics and Segment. Other features include translation services, chatbots, Disqus, and team collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack.


Kovai.co is a bootstrapped initiative and does not seek any funds from external investors. So far, Saravana has invested $25 million in the company.


Kovai.co is a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner. Other reseller partners of Kovai.co include Cognizant, Data Passion, Infeeny, Kazoku IT, Middleway, Fellow Mind, and many others.

Awards and Milestones

2010: The original idea for Kovai.co’s first product BizTalk360 seeded at Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle.

2011: First version of Kovai.co’s first product ‘BizTalk360’ demonstrated. First customer from Hong Kong.

2012: Kovai.co’s BizTalk360 gained 65 enterprise customers.

2013: Kovai.co reached 145 customers. Saravana was awarded as ‘Integration MVP of the year’ by Microsoft in Global MVP Summit 2013.

2014: Kovai.co got established as a proper business and moved to its first office in London.

2015: Kovai.co moved into 6000 sq.ft new office space in Coimbatore SEZ, India. Invested in a brand new 2000 sq.ft office in the UK.

2016: Second product of Kovai.co 'Serverless360 launched.

2017: Kovai.co’s CEO Saravana invited to Buckingham Palace as part of the Silicon Valley to UK program recognizing ‘50 scale-up CEOs in London.’

2018: More products launched by Kovai.co - Atomic Scope and Document360

2019: Kovai.co’s Serverless360 and Document360 gained momentum in the market.

2020: Kovai.co acquired ‘Cerebrata’ , an Azure development tool. Kovai.co was awarded ‘Bootstrapped Startup of the Year’ by SaaSBOOMi and ‘Export Excellence Award’ by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

2021: Kovai.co is growing organically with Annual recurring revenue of over $10 million. Awarded Emerge 50 Awards 2021 by NASSCOM and “Bootstrap Champ” by The Economic Times Startup Awards 2021.

Roadmap of Kovai.co

Kovai.co company targets to attain $100 million revenue in the next 10 years and subsequently a unicorn status by 2030. In 2020, Kovai.co reported revenues of over $10 million. The company further aims to invest in R&D, acquisitions, and expanding its operations geographically.[6]

Kovai.co Connect program will focus on educational institutions to train students as per industry needs and make them SaaS-ready.

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