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The Holliday-Segar formula is a formula to help approximate water and caloric loss (and therefore the water requirements) using a patient's body weight.[1] Primarily aimed at pediatric patients, the Holliday-Segar formula is the most commonly used estimate of daily caloric requirements.[2] To date, the formula continues to be recommended in the the current clinical practice guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, and National Health Service.[3][4][5] Developed in 1957 by Drs. Malcolm A. Holliday and William E. Segar while at the Indiana University School of Medicine, the researchers concluded a non-linear relationship between energy expenditure and weight alone to determine fluid requirements.

The Holliday-Segar Formula
For each kilogram in this range Daily caloric cost per kilogram
1-10 kg 100 kcal/kg/day
11-20 kg 50 kcal/kg/day
>20 kg 20 kcal/kg/day

Worked Example

To estimate the daily fluid requirements of a 9-year old boy who weights 32 kg, 10*100 + 10*50 + 12*20 = 1740 kcal per day. At a 1 kcal / 1 mL conversion, the daily H20 requirements would therefore be 1740 mL.


While generalizable to most cohorts, the Holliday-Segar formula may inadequately estimate caloric requirements in patients affected by fever, hypothermia, or increased activity states (ie, hyperthyroidism or status epilepticus).[2] The formula can also only be applied to patients above 2 weeks of age.


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