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Gentle Savage
Background information
OriginKuopio, Finland
Years active2013–present
  • Tornado Bearstone
  • Jay B
  • Theo van Boom
  • Larry welder
  • Ben Zummerbender

Gentle Savage is a Finnish rock band formed in 2013 in Kuopio, Finland.[1][2] Their music incorporates elements of hard rock, classic rock and heavy metal.[3] The band consists of co-founders Tornado Bearstone along with Jay B, Theo van Boom.[4][5]

Gentle Savage made their world debut in 2016 with the release of the Introduction EP and rose to popularity in 2019 after the Karelian Magic video went live.[6] Some of the top hit songs by Gentle Savage include Personal Hades, Livin’ It Up, Into The Abyss,[7] and YNAMW.[8]


Gentle Savage was formed by Tornado and a drummer who’s not in the band anymore.[9] Vance discovered the band through a musicians' forum. Initially, the group started as just a bunch of people who wanted to jam, write music, and have a good time.[10] But soon they realized that the tunes they wrote sounded extremely sophisticated and hence decided to establish a band, turning their passion into a profession.[11][12]

Gentle Savage debuted in 2016 with the release of their EP - Introduction. Right after the release of Introduction the band got to play in the RockCock Festival in Finland, which turned out to be a major success, laying a strong foundation for the group.[13][14]

In 2019, Gentle Savage released their top-ranking song Karelian Magic,[15] which was directed by Saku Petteri Perintö from Lumifilms, followed by Honey Bunny. In 2020, the band released a number of singles including Far Side Live and Run Run Poor Boy.[16][17]

A year later, in 2021, Gentle Savage launched their first full-length album titled Midnight Waylay,[18] which has been highly appreciated by people on social media platforms for incorporating unique, and catchy tunes.[19]


S.No. Title Year Type
1 Introduction 2016 EP (three songs)
  1. Bring back rock'n roll
  2. Far side
  3. Hey Hey Hey Hey[20]
2 Karelian Magic 2019 Single
3 Honey Bunny 2020 Single
4 Far Side Live 2020 Single
5 Run Run Poor Boy[21] 2020 Single
6 YNAMW 2020 Single
7 Lovin’ Ain’t Easy[22] 2021 Single
8 Personal Hades 2021 Single
9 Livin’ It Up 2021 Single
10 Midnight Waylay[23] 2021 Album (9 songs)
  1. Karelian Magic
  2. Personal Hades
  3. YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why)
  4. Into the Abyss
  5. Honey Bunny
  6. After all
  7. Run Run Poor Boy
  8. Livin' it up
  9. Carry the Fire[24]


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