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Founded2017; 7 years ago (2017)
FounderSTAR’s TECH
HeadquartersSeoul, Republic of Korea
Key people
Seungchan Yang (CEO)

ECO-ST is the world’s first deicer made from starfish extracts created by STAR’S TECH,[1] a leading technology firm based in S.Korea. ECO-ST is an Eco-friendly cutting-edge ice deicer with a melting performance of 166% that reduces indirect costs to 90% associated with snow removal processes.[2][3]

ECO-ST was created with the aim to solve environmental damages done during the snow removal process and to reduce the starfish damage.[4] It overcomes more of the corrosion and environmental difficulties associated with conventional salt while providing greater snow melting performance by reusing biowaste from predatory starfish.[5]


ECO-ST as an eco-friendlier product has not only revolutionized the way snow is removed but in doing so has also addressed a global Starfish problem. Predatory starfish are collected and processed by STAR's TECH for use as a primary element in the product. By doing so the company saves millions of government funds by lowering the cost of removing starfish. Not only that, but this also exponentially reduced the damage to fishermen's farms and coral reef devastation.[6]

Product information

ECO-ST utilizes starfish extract as a core material which is obtained from our extraction process technology from starfish.[7]


  • Chloride ions cause harm to roads, trees, and vegetation, while starfish extract deicer lowers corrosion to infrastructure and personal property. The Starfish de-icer works quickly and minimizes damage on concrete or metal surfaces. This, by extension, reduces accidents and lowers steel corrosion and concrete failure rates ultimately resulting in a low cost of restoring roads, bridges, automobiles, and railings.
  • ECO-ST also results in reducing high-risk costs of respiratory diseases and paw burns in pets.
  • The use of a unique coated bead-type de-icer eliminates the solidification and dust issues associated with traditional flake-type de-icers.[8]


Temperature Condition 0ºC ~ -5ºC -5ºC ~ -15ºC -15ºC ~ -25ºC -25ºC ~ -35ºC
Less than 3cm(1.18 inch) of snow load 30 g/m² 60 g/m² 90 g/m² 120 g/m²
More than 3cm(1.18 inch) of snow load 40 g/m² 70 g/m² 100 g/m² 130 g/m²

The Required amount of de-icer may vary depending on the condition of the atmosphere. If the snow has piled more than 5cm(1.96 inches), users need to shovel the area before applying.


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