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Dr Kumar B.G
Dr Kumar.jpeg
Born (1991-08-25) August 25, 1991 (age 32)
Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India
Other namesthealphavoyager
  • MBBS
  • MD, DNB (Anaesthesiology), EDRA-1
Alma mater
  • Madras Medical College
  • European Board
OrganizationKIMS Hospital
Known forTravel photography
Notable work
Landscape photography
Height173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
TitleMedical doctor
  • Dr Bhaskar P (father)
  • Dr Gomathy M (mother)

Dr Kumar B.G (25th August 1991) is an Indian medical doctor, travel photographer and social media influencer. He is best known for his photography posted on Instagram @thealphavoyager, which got him about 30k followers. Dr Kumar B.G has pioneered drone and landscape photography.[1] He has also collaborated with TripAdvisor and Sony BBC Earth for photography campaigns and his work has also been featured on Tripoto community and Lonely Planet.[2]

He developed an early interest in traveling and photography. Eventually after completing his MBBS, he followed his passion for photography seriously.[3] Dr Kumar B.G has created a balance between his medical profession as well as photography. He has also experimented with long exposure photography, which is seen in his work. Majority of his audience engage with him on his social handles, where he also helps them with photographic techniques to capture moments beautifully.[4]

Dr Kumar B.G currently serves as a medical doctor in KIMS hospital, Kerala in the department of anaesthesiology. During his MD in Anaesthesiology, he had numerous academic achievements including winning multiple quizzes and clearing EDRA (European Diploma in Regional Anaesthesia), as well as being amongst the top five in an academic research presentation in New York, USA.

Early life and education

Dr Kumar B.G was born on 25th August 1991 at Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu into a family of doctors. He has three sisters and all of them pursued a career in the medical field. All eyes were on him to carry on the tradition. He held his family’s expectations and completed his MBBS from the prestigious Madras Medical College in 2015. He completed his medical training in anaesthesiology by 2019.

Right from an early age, he was highly inclined towards photography. Dr. Kumar B.G started photography when his father handed him his SLR while strolling through the garden, and he found a two-headed butterfly resting on a flower. He did his best to capture it, but the process that ensued later when he recreated the moment in his head led to the intense desire to capture the most beautiful moments around him. Achieving the right focus and exposure, the sound of the shutter, and later developing the film was so addictive that he grew into the process without a second thought.


When Dr Kumar B.G grew older, his passion for photography became more pronounced when he traveled and saw places he never dreamt existed. He has traveled outside India to countries including Egypt, USA, Kenya, Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, and Maldives. Dr Kumar B.G got a major opportunity to collaborate with TripAdvisor for conducting a campaign after winning one of their travel photography competitions.[5] His work was also featured in Tripoto community and Lonely Planet page as well. Later he had also collaborated with Sony BBC Earth on Instagram.[6]

He won third prize for a photography competition conducted by his medical fraternity, with the picture of the two elephants under a tree that he captured from Kenya, being the prize winning click.[7]

During COVID, although his medical job became more hectic than usual, that hasn’t stopped him from traveling and creating beautiful photographs.[8][9]

Major awards and recognition

Dr Kumar B.G has been recognized in both fields and has received awards for his photography and medical excellence. Some of them are:

  • Third prize for a photography competition conducted by his medical fraternity
  • ISACON Kerala 2017, Calicut - Second Prize, Competitive Scientific Paper Presentation
  • NICE 2017, Neuroanaesthesiology Conference, Trivandrum – Second Prize, Quiz Competition
  • Post Graduate Assembly in Anaesthesiology - New York State Society Of Anaesthesiology Held In Times Square, New York - Selected Among Top Five High Scoring Submissions
  • Sponsored AORA Sonosite Inland Fellowship in Regional Anaesthesiology - Attended in Mahathma Gandhi Medical College, Puducherry


On different occasions, he has shared that he plans to launch a #plantatree campaign soon, starting off with 1000 trees by himself and using social media to spread the movement. Dr Kumar B.G believes it would be the best way he can give back to this beautiful and diverse planet for all its treasures and life. He also organised a few philanthropic missions in his college days, with a notable one being raising around 1 lakh rupees for a child’s surgery working with “Save a Child” Foundation.[10]

While traveling through the mountainous terrains of Ladakh with his friends, he diagnosed one of the fellow travelers having altitude mountain sickness following which he took him to lower altitudes, helped hydrate him, and gave him acetazolamide(diuretic medication) along with oxygen therapy, following which his friend recovered in a few days and could fly back safely. This is when he realized that his medical profession can help other fellow travelers.[11]

Since then, there are several incidents during travel where Dr Kumar B.G has helped people who met with accidents to save their lives and prevent further damage.

Personal life

Dr Kumar B.G loves to travel alongside photography and has traveled to multiple countries to follow his passion for photography. During his college days, he used to be the guitarist in his college band and have won a few competitions along with his band “Lucid Interval”.

He knows English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

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