Dr. Steven Ghim

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Dr. Steven Ghim
Dr Steven Ghim.JPG
Born (1970-03-26) March 26, 1970 (age 51)
CitizenshipUnited States
  • University of Amherst
  • Harvard Medical School
  • UConn Dental School
  • Cosmetic Dentist
Years active1999- present

Dr. Steven Ghim (born March 26, 1970) is a Korean-American dentist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Ghim is best known for his general and comprehensive dental services for adults.[1] He specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Throughout his diversified career, Ghim has served at various government levels in Washington DC, across the US, and internationally. His former clients include Gen. Henry Shelton, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (1997-2001) and Gen. Eric Shinseki, 34th Chief of Staff of the US Army (1999-2003) and 37th Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2009-2014).[2]

Dr. Ghim is regarded for dental cosmetics, esthetic dental implant crowns, and related complex cosmetic dental procedures, such as color matching, correcting failed cosmetic dentistry, and providing natural looking porcelain restorations.[3]

Ghim has been featured in several media outlets including Past and Future, Envision 77 Heart Beats (Text by Naoki Hayashi), Dentistry Today, Strixus, Patch, Journal Of Immunology, European Journal of Immunology, Immunogenetics, DentistryToday, and Nature.

Early life and education

Ghim was born March 26, 1970, in Seoul, South Korea, to Duke and June Ghim. He grew up in Framingham, MA. Ghim studied at the Marian High School (Archdiocese of Boston) and graduated in 1988. He then completed a BA in Chemistry at the University of MA at Amherst in 1991. To pursue his interest in medicine, Ghim worked at the Harvard Medical School’s Division of Immunology (New England Regional Primate Research Center) during college, where he co-authored several manuscripts on immunology and virology.


After finishing his education and initial service with the U.S. Army, Ghim started his private practice in 1999. Since then, Ghim has provided a variety of dental services to patients. During his career, Ghim discovered a passion for cosmetic dentistry and subsequently chose to concentrate on those services.

To pursue a career as a cosmetic dentist, Ghim trained with distinguished doctors and dental technicians from around the world, including Dr. Sidney Kina of Maringa, Brazil and Naoki Hayashi of Irvine, CA.

Dr. Ghim is presently running a private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. The practice focuses on adult patients and strives to provide simple, timely explanations and care — even for more complex services.[4]

Ghim, throughout his career, has collaborated with several celebrated dental experts from around the globe. Apart from that, Ghim also serves in the military as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. He is a veteran of the armed forces of over 15 years. Currently, Ghim serves as the Chief Dental Corps Officer, overseeing deployment readiness for all Air Force military personnel on base.[5]

Ghim has even appeared professionally on Charlotte Today, where he has discussed topics such as the mathematical proportions of a great smile and the intricacies of veneers and porcelain color matching.[6]

Personal life

Ghim is passionate about photography. In his free time, he also works as a private instructor on intraoral dental photo techniques and methods to capture color for laboratory communication in cosmetic dentistry.[7]

Ghim touts his Leica SL and medium format film Hasselblad 503CW as his favorite cameras. He was also a former junior eastern seaboard champion speed skater for the Bay State Speedskating Club (currently based out of Walpole, MA) under the coaching and direction of Ruth Moore (US Speedskating Hall of Fame). At age 13, Ghim was approached by the South Korean Speed Skating team to train at the Taenueng Olympic Training Center in South Korea. The goal was to train for the 500m and 1000m long track events for the Calgary (1988) and Albertville Winter Olympics (1992). This journey abruptly stopped for several reasons when his father said, “Athletes should compete where they are citizens of their country,” and “There are no college scholarships for speed skating. It’s a better future investment to buy some real gold than win a gold medal and go to college to get an education,” and “Continuing with training in speed skating is a money drain.” Ghim was excited, however, to see several of his teammates surge on to medal for the United States in subsequent Winter Olympic Games.

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