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Founded2014; 9 years ago (2014)
  • Beatriz Helena Ramos
  • Yehudit Mam
  • Abraham Milano is a visual conversation network where people around the world speak to each other through drawings, creating collaborative art. "With more than 150,000 users worldwide, Dada has done the seemingly impossible in the digital age: scaling intimacy" [1]. With over 100K provably rare digital artworks, It is creating a new market for digital art on the blockchain, and building a decentralized token economy for the arts. is a social platform where people speak to each other through drawings, creating collaborative art. With over 100K provably rare digital artworks, It is creating a new market for digital art on the blockchain, and building a decentralized token economy for art.


DADA was founded by Beatriz Helena Ramos, Yehudit Mam and Abraham Milano as a social network for artists. Development started in early 2014 and the platform was launched in the fall of that year. In 2015 DADA launched a Facebook app, and it went from 3K to 150K registered users in a few months. The path to making the community self-sustaining, without relying on adversiting or selling people's data, led to the exploration of decentralized applications and Blockchain Technology. In 2017 it launched the first marketplace for digital art on the Ethereum blockchain becoming pioneers in proving a use case for blockchain and art. In 2018 blockchain powerhouse ConsenSys invested in DADA to help them build a token economy that will give artists a guaranteed basic income.[2] DADA currently has the largest rare digital art collection in the world, with 120K digital drawings created on the platform and ready to be traded as NFTs (non-fungible token).

A Visual Conversation Platform

Inspired by the surrealist game exquisite corpse, in which someone draws the continuation of a prior drawing they can’t see, DADA developed a system in which people can see the preceding drawing and they reply to it with another drawing, engaging in a dialogue. [3] According to co-creator Yehudit Mam, these collaborations are like jazz improvisations, with many different instruments and hues working in harmony towards one melody. "Here, you can share visual conversations with other artists and creative. Make a drawing, and anyone in the world can reply with another drawing. It’s a spectacular way to connect, inspire creativity, and explore the way minds work together." How Design Magazine.[4]. "DADA is strongly building on equally strong foundations from creator Beatriz Helena Ramos -who is a prolific illustrator for the likes of the New York Times, Disney and MTV" Digital Arts.[5].

The DADA Collective

The DADA Collective is the pseudonym used by artists on DADA that participate on different projects at any given time. The DADA collective’s live drawing performances have been shown at events and galleries around the world.

Selected Exhibitions:

"SightUnseen" live drawing performance. March 2019, RXC Detroit, USA.[6]

"Soul In The Machine" Live drawing performance. May 2019, Ethereal Summit, New York, USA. [7]

"Screens: An Exploration" interactive live drawing performance inspired by the Nam June Paik retrospective. November 2019 Tate Modern, London, UK. [8]

The Invisible Economy

In October of 2017, DADA launched the first digital marketplace on the Ethereum Blockchain. It tied digital artworks to cryptographic digital assets called Non-fungible token, that make it possible to turn digital art into unique, transactable digital assets, bringing scarcity, authentication and ownership to digital art. [9] Later a game called Cryptokitties launched on the Ethereum Blockchain, within days people had spent a million dollars in digital cats. [10] People saw the potential for an emerging market, in December 2017, art historian Jason Bailey wrote: "The Blockchain Art Market Is Here"[11]

The first Rare Digital Art Festival (Rare Art Fest) is held in January 2018. DADA's Beatriz Ramos presented a new paradigm for the arts possible using Blockchain Technology. [12] At the New York Ethereal Summit in the summer of 2018, Beatriz Ramos gave a keynote presentation entitled "The End Of The Starving Artist" where she shared DADA's vision for a new economic system more appropriate for the arts. [13] At the Hackers Congress (HCPP18) in the Institute of Cryptoanrachy in Prague, Beatriz Ramos presented "A world without starving artists: A new order for art', where she talked about how to leverage blockchain to build an economy in which art is the currency and drawings tied to Non-fungible token are used as a medium of exchange. [14]

DADA is currently using blockchain technology to build a decentralized token economy for the arts. It has developed an economic vision called "The Invisible Economy" which is a radical separation of art and the market. Blockchain technology allows the economy to be both invisible and transparent. It is invisible because it separates artmaking, code writing, art collecting, and general contributions from market transactions through different mechanisms. And it is transparent because all the transactions take place on the Ethereum blockchain where everyone can track them.


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