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Personal information
BornDimitri[lower-alpha 1]
1994/1995 (age 28–29)[1]
NationalityParis, France
YouTube information
Years active3 years
  • Radio station
  • Lo-fi hip hop
Subscribers6.3 million subscribers[2]
(as of September 2020)
Total views568 billion views[2]
(as of September 2020)

ChilledCow is a music label and radio-style channel on YouTube run by Dimitri.[lower-alpha 1] ChilledCow runs 24/7 live streams that play lo-fi hip hop songs accompanied by a GIF of an Lo-Fi Girl |anime girl either studying or relaxing, created by Juan Pablo Machado.[3] The first and most notable live stream is a live stream meant for people to listen while studying. The songs used in the live streams have either been released through the ChilledCow label or have been given permission by the artist to use the song in the live stream.[4]


The YouTube channel was started by Dimitri on March 23, 2015.[5] ChilledCow started streaming lo-fi hip hop songs meant for people to listen while studying on February 25, 2017.[1][6] The live stream was originally accompanied by a GIF that was taken from the Studio Ghibli film, Whisper of the Heart, of a young woman studying. The stream received a copyright strike from YouTube between July and August 2017[4] and was replaced by an original anime girl studying. The GIF was designed by a college student studying art, Juan Pablo Machado.[3]

Copyright issues

The live stream was originally taken down by YouTube for using footage of a young woman studying from the film, Whisper of the Heart.[4] The live stream was reinstated after Dimitri worked with a college student, Machado, to design a new GIF of a girl studying to use for the live stream.[3]

The music used in ChilledCow's live streams were either released through the ChilledCow label or were given permission to use by another artist.[4] Despite that, on February 22, 2020, ChilledCow had annoucned that its channel was taken down for potentially violating YouTube's Terms of Service, and demanded a reason why.[7] He was backed up by many supporters and the loss of the channel was mourned by many.[4][8][9][10] YouTube responded the next day by tweeting an apology, saying it was a mistake and reinstated ChilledCow's channel.[11] The original live stream that was stopped by the take down was 13,000 hours long, making it one of the longest videos on YouTube.[4]

Critical reception

ChilledCow's live streams have received generally positive reviews from listeners, usually about the live stream meant for studying. ChilledCow's viewership has grown ever since the start of the live stream.[1] Farield El Gafy from Washington Square News praised the live stream about studying, saying "Thanks to this playlist, I’ve cranked out a multitude of essays, study sessions, scripts and rough cuts to the tune of pop culture samples, muted snares and artificial record scratches."[6] Xavier Piedra of Mashable praised for its relaxing songs that keep the listener focused. He also noted that the playlist is updated frequently and often contains a mixture of old and newly added songs.[12] The live stream was the first live stream listed on Cassidy Quinn of KGW's "Top 10 non-news live channels to watch on YouTube while social distancing". Quinn described the songs in the live stream as "a constant stream of low-key music you play in the background while you get work done, do chores, whatever you're doing at home right now."[13]


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