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Ant Media Server
IndustrySoftware, Media
Area served
ServicesLive streaming

Ant Media Server[1] is a video streaming engine. It provides live video streaming technology infrastructure with ultra-low latency.[2][3] It can be used to enable streaming any type of live or on-demand video to any devices including mobiles, PCs or IPTV boxes.[4] Main streaming protocol used by Ant Media Server is WebRTC and it enables their users to reach a latency less than 0.5 seconds while delivering the media.[5] In addition, Ant Media Server also supports HLS and RTMP protocols during delivery of video for the users who requires acceptable latency as well which is around 6-10 seconds.[6]

Ant Media Server[7] is available in the market with Free (Community) and Paid (Enterprise) versions and some of the key features such as Adaptive Bit Rate Support, Scalability, Streaming via WebRTC, and Hardware-based encoding etc. are only supported at Enterprise Edition.[8]

Ant Media Server[9] is bundled with Android (operating system)|Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs to enable any type of applications at mobile or desktop to be developed easily and offered to be used at Public and Private Clouds either with hourly, monthly, yearly subscription licenses or perpetual licenses if preferred. Based on the scalability feature, Ant Media Server can be positioned to provide live streams starting from tens to millions with the addition of adaptive bitrate support which enables live streams to be watched smoothly at different network speeds. [10][11]


Ant Media Server[12][13] partners with AWS, DigitalOcean and Azure and offers its customers quick installation opportunity on each marketplace of Amazon, Azure and Digital Ocean and enables pay per usage based licensing model.[14][15]


  • Ultra-Low Latency Adaptive One to Many WebRTC Live Streaming[16]
  • Adaptive Bitrate for Live Streams (WebRTC, MP4, HLS)
  • SFU in One to Many WebRTC Streams
  • Live Stream Publishing with RTMP and WebRTC
  • WebRTC to RTMP and RTMP to WebRTC Adapter
  • IP Camera Support with ONVIF compatibility
  • Recording Live Streams (MP4 and HLS).
  • Restream to Social Media Simultaneously including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.
  • One-Time Token Control for Security
  • Object Detection Support
  • H.264,H.265 and VP8 Codecs available
  • Integrated with NVIDIA for hardware-based encoding if preferred
  • WebRTC Data Channels


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