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Alden S. Gooch
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BornMay 5, 1927
DiedAugust 10, 1987
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Cardiologist
  • Vice Chairman

Alden S. Gooch, MD, (May 5, 1927 - August 10, 1987) (1) (32)[1][2] was an American cardiologist and Vice Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Disease at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, New Jersey. (2) (3) [3] He was best known for his book, Clues to Diagnosis in Congenital Heart Disease. (4)[4] He was an authority on The Systolic Click Murmur Syndrome and Tricuspid valve disease (5)(6)[5][6]

Early life and education

Gooch was one of four children born to Austin McLellan Gooch, and Clara Helen Dowling, in Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine. (7) (8) [7][8]

He served as a Lieutenant in the Navy in 1945, (10) then then received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maine, in Orono, Maine in 1951. (11)[9]

He earned his Medical Degree in 1955 from the University of Rochester - in Rochester, New York. (12)[10] He received his residency and fellowship training at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. He later taught and conducted research as an Assistant Professor of Cardiology. (13), [11] Ultimately, he practiced Cardiology, conducted research (14) and taught as he expanded the Fellowship Program at the Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, New Jersey. (15)


Clues to Diagnosis in Congenital Heart Disease was published in 1969 by F.A Davis (16) and (17) (18), [12][13][14] The book’s purpose was to “demonstrate the application of useful information in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease by illustrating various clues (or non-clues) to the diagnosis.” (19),[15] Cases were “superbly demonstrated” with “striking display of graphic data.” It (is) “a useful way of teaching of Congenital Heart Disease” and “present(ed) a challenge in diagnosis to the reader” (4) [16]

Dr. Gooch’s research also focused on cardiac Mitral and Tricuspid valve disease. His work was widely cited by other researchers. (21) (22).[17][18] Specifically, he outlined the left ventricular abnormalities that were associated with Mitral Valve Disease (23) (24) (25) [19] [20] [21] and its’ associated heart rhythm abnormalities. (26) (33) [22] [23] His research on Tricuspid Valve Disease was highly influential. (28) (34) [24] [25]

His work was widely referenced by other researchers. (29)[26]

Professional Affiliations

At the George Washington University Dr Gooch served as Assistant Professor of Medicine and Associate Director of the Heart Station from 1966-69. At Deborah Heart and Lung Center he served as the Vice Chairman of the Division of Cardiology, Director of the Outpatient Clinic, and Director of the Cardiology Training Program. He also served as the Associate Professor of Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of Rutgers University and held the same position at Temple University School of Medicine. Dr Gooch was a visiting lecturer at Albert Einstein Medical Center and a representative of the New Jersey Council of Clinical Cardiology to the American Heart Association. Dr Gooch was a fellow of the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, The American College of Chest Diseases and the American College of Angiology, and the American Federation of Clinical research. He was a member of the Philadelphia Academy of cardiology, and the American College of Physicians. The American College of Chest Disease and American College of Angiography and the American Federation of Clinical Research. He was a member of the Philadelphia Academy of Cardiology, The American College of Physicians, and the American Medical Association. (11) (30) [27] [28]

Personal Life

In 1947 he married Alice Gooch of New Haven, Connecticut.9)[29] and had five children. He died after a brief illness in 1987 in Medford, New Jersey. (31) [30]


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