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2Chinz is an improv team based out of New York City and founded in 2014. The team's founders were all in UCB Improv level 201 together, taught by Terry [Last Name Here], and swiftly became friends. The founding members are Nikki DeSautelle, Becca Laferriere, Gregory Massaro, Mackenzie Keegan, Lilias Brinton, and Francesca Guglielmo. The team has a strict no-H.F. policy (#IFKYK).

Earlier Life

After months of infrequent coaching, the team's debut performance was at Otto's Shrunken Head. They continued to perform to riotous crowds at Queen's Secret Improv Club (QSIC). They'd more often than not head to the bar after the show with the other performing teams for expired pumpkin beer and sickening chili covered in a single piece of cheese. The other performing teams were also the entire audience at the show.

A member named Nicole may have also performed at Otto's Shrunken Head. For more on this, please see Notable Contributions and Controversies.


2Chinz is known for their trivia prowess (first, weekly at Walter's in New York City and now on Zoom), eating chili at bars in Long Island City, an irreverent style of humor, butt and/or fart jokes, and never doing enough scene work. In keeping with the bowel movement theme, the team would frequently discuss their pre-show poop jitters. They occasionally partake in karaoke nights, the stylings of which are usually hits of the '90s. Though 2Chinz still exists in theory, the team hasn't done improv since 2015, however they continue to do bits whenever inspiration strikes and you'll never find a funnier group of people (except Keegan and Brinton left but they were really funny when they were here).

Notable Contributions and Controversies

They've continued their tradition of doing trivia throughout the pandemic. They perform every other week depending on what Dana decides. One point of pride for 2Chinz is that they, with their innovative comedic stylings and intelligence wherewithal, originated a method of identifying their trivia team with many teams following suit shortly thereafter. Controversy: Other teams do not acknowledge their contributions.

In addition to innovation in the world of trivia, 2Chinz has also brought this unique skillset to the world of podcast games, creating the worldwide viral sensation "Crunch or No Crunch," a game where listeners have to guess whether or not a crunching sound is coming from a phone application or an actual human mouth crunching. No cheating allowed! "Crunch or No Crunch" was born out of a group hangout in Laferriere's backyard. They recorded the session and have continued to play to this day.

2Chinz enjoys, amongst other activities, a nice steak dinner and themed holiday excursions. Previous holiday excursions have included a pumpkin themed brunch in Central Park, multiple sightseeing tours of New York City's holiday light displays, and attending a production of the Broadway smash hit, Oh Hello, followed by a visit to the Bryant Park Holiday Fair.

In possibly 2018, three of the founders, DeSautelle, Massaro, and Guglielmo, took a Rhode ( ;) ) trip up to visit co-founder founder, Laferriere, at her family summer home. On the way, the three travelers stopped at the International Pez Museum as well as a rest stop with a violent massage chair.

In 2018, DeSautelle, Guglielmo, and Massaro attended what they thought would be a regular Spider-man cartoon at the theater on W. 23rd St in New York City. They were surprised to find that the film would change their lives forever. Following the film's final credits, the trio went bananas at a diner and it went down in history as one of the greatest 2Chinz mysteries of all time. Fans have theories as to what caused this mass hysteria to occur though no theory has been confirmed as of the time of publication.

Another controversy is that Robin Hood starring Taron Egerton (whom they love, don't get them wrong, Taron if you're reading 2Chinz's Wikipedia page) is just Batman. It's the same exact story, down to the Two Face plotline.

From above, another controversy is that they can't remember how involved Nicole was. Nicole, they're very sorry.


2Chinz is influenced by 2Chainz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ghosts (2Chinz also founded #Ghostprov). Early fans noted the influence of Monty Python and Mr. Show.

Potential Celebrity Friends and Conclusion

It is 2Chinz's firm belief that lots of people would be friends with them if they could only meet. Talent that they believe would be included in this list ...includes but is not limited to Carl Tart, Daniel Radcliffe, Willem Dafoe, all the Spider-men, Rihanna, Ben Schwartz, Frances Ha (the character), Jeremy Strong's character in The Trial of the Chicago 7, Smallville, to name a few.

To conclude, it is said that were Daniel Radcliffe to bump into them in a bar, he would quickly befriend the Chintz and they would form what could only be described as 2Chinz + Future Steve Buscemi.


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