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Wikitia is an English, web-based, free-content verified encyclopedia and based on a model where only verified editors can edit the content. It was created to eliminate the flaws of Wikipedia where admins, editors can make a decision without specializing in a particular topic or field. The Wikipedia editors approve or reject any edit, any page based on their personal experience which is not verified and often disguise the users.

Wikitia is written by the editors, who have notability in their field or particular industry and can write with or without pay. The goal of Wikitia is to avoid or minimize the disruption or vandalism.

At Wikitia, people of all ages can propose the content, but can’t edit it directly until a verified and authentic editor does not approve or validate it. The edits on the Wikitia ensures that edits are continuous and result of cumulative improvements by the editors.

Also, we believe that by providing a document such as a passport, driving licence or any other government identity proof can validate your birth date and nationality. Wikitia also encourages and allows companies and individuals to create a brief video about yourself that can be verified through reliable news sources and can be uploaded by the Wikitia team.

Unlike Wikipedia, we truly believe in neutrality, unbiased and not supreme power in a few hands without a valid degree or verifiability in the field. We strongly reject all kinds of misinformation and vandalism and all edits go live only once a Wikitia verified editor approves it.