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  • Wikipedia page editing
  • Public Relations
  • Online visibility
HeadquartersDelray Beach,
Area served
  • Wikipedia page creation
  • Wikipedia page editing
  • Wikipedia page monitoring
  • Wikipedia page repair
  • Google Knowledge Panel creation
  • Google Knowledge Panel optimization
Number of employees
10 (2020)

WikiCreators is an American Public Relations agency known for its Wikipedia page creation services and development of Google Knowledge Panels. The company offers Wikipedia page editing services to create new pages, update any existing pages and monitor Wikipedia pages for notable companies and individuals while following Wikipedia’s guidelines. The company also offers monthly Wikipedia page maintenance subscription services.[1]

WikiCreators utilizes search engine optimization techniques on Wikipedia pages to rank higher on google search results for the relevant keywords. The company has received recognition for creating Google Knowledge Panels for its clients using computer-programmed algorithms to optimize any existing Google Knowledge Graph.[2]


WikiCreators is an expert team that has years of experience in Wikipedia research, editing, writing, and posting Wikipedia articles. The company follows Wikipedia’s guidelines using Wikipedia best practices to comply with the principles of Notability, Verifiability and a Neutral Point of View.

  • Notability: Everyone wants to be on Wikipedia but only a few qualify for Wikipedia. The experts qualify prospects to determine if they meet Wikipedia’s notability requirements.
  • Research and Copywriting: WikiCreators reviews relevant news articles provided by the client and identified through independent research. They will determine what information can be used to create the Wikipedia profile.
  • Page Translation:  WikiCreators provides Wikipedia page translation to other language sites of Wikipedia.[3]
  • Monitoring and Repair: The team monitors Wikipedia pages ensuring that content is verifiable by secondary sources. If not, the content will be removed from the page.
  • Page Editing and Update: Includes updating any existing Wikipedia page with recent qualifying information.[4]


WikiCreators has the following workflow

  • Research and Planning

The company analyzes all news articles and materials provided by the client and qualifies what information can be used for the Wikipedia profile as potential content creation

  • Drafting

The expert will then create a draft for the client to review.

  • Uploading

WikiCreators will submit the page to the Wikipedia platform.

  • Monitoring community discussions

WikiCreators will monitor changes that are done during the initial review by the Wikipedia community.

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