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Stephen Twomey
Stephen Twomey.png
Stephen J Twomey

(1984-06-24) June 24, 1984 (age 37)
Traverse City, MI
CitizenshipUnited States of America
EducationBachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • MasterMindSEO (Founder)
  • Kennected(Co-Founder)
Years active2008 - present
  • MasterMindSEO
  • Kennected
Known for
  • Digital marketing
  • web design
Spouse(s)Jane Twomey (m. Sept 2008)

Stephen Twomey (born June 24, 1984, in Traverse City, Michigan) is an American entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, PR expert, consultant and lead generation expert. Twomey is considered as one of the prominent digital marketing expert in the United States, who has worked with companies including Quicken Loans', One Reverse Mortgage, Jonas Paul Eyewear, and several others.[1]

Stephen Twomey was born in Traverse City, MI. He developed an interest in the business at an early age and started his entrepreneurial career in 2013. Since then, he has helped a number of clients in achieving their business goals and establish themselves as a better brand. Stephen Twomey has been regularly featured on almost all high tier media outlets of the country including Fortune, Forbes,, BlueHost, HuffPost, BusinessInsider, Capterra, and several others.[2]

He has also authored a book, SEO For Gastroenterologists in 2014. Stephen Twomey has been considered as King of digital marketing in Traverse City by his clients.[3]

Early life and education

Stephen Twomey was born in Traverse City Michigan to Nick and Rose Twomey. His ancestry includes Irish and Mexican. In his 7th grade, he started his first venture, he found that paintballs were very expensive. He did some research and discovered that he could buy large quantities of high-quality paintballs online, package them into bags of 100, and sell them to his friends locally that not only saved them money but allowed him to play for free. It was the old “buy low, sell high” plan, and it lit a fuse in him one day to be a business owner.[4]

From an early age, Twomey showed great athletic ability and during his high school, he was a part of the soccer team at 1st Team All-State selection his junior year and a 2nd Team All-State his senior year.[5]

Twomey attended Grand Valley State University and completed BBA in marketing in 2006.[6]


Twomey started his career in 2008 as an Investment banker at JP Morgan in Salt City. After sometime, he shifted to Traverse City and started his own small farmer insurance company. The  venture was not much fruitful, however he got to learn a lot about marketing and its importance to establish any business. Thereafter, Stephen Twomey tried a medical sales job and simultaneously also learned advanced SEO and how to make maximum use of getting the business leads. He worked as a freelance digital marketing specialist in 2009 and after getting success, he started his own full service digital marketing and web design company, MasterMindSEO late in 2013. Stephen Twomey created his name in digital marketing and lead generation and had worked successfully with clients. He has been often quoted as a digital marketing specialist and lead generation expert by the media outlets of the United States.[7]

Stephen Twomey also co-founder of Kennected, a software company for LinkedIn Sales navigators that helps business owners and salespeople create relationships on LinkedIn with the use of automation.[8]

He writes frequently on topics of digital marketing, SEO, and business and team development on publications including Huffington Post, Fortune, Business Insider, Forbes and others. Some of his publications have been widely acclaimed by the digital marketing experts.[9]

Awards and recognition

Stephen Twomey was named ambassador at[10]


SEO For Gastroenterologists: Why Doctors and Surgery Centers Need To Pay Attention To Google and Implement A Search Engine Optimization Plan. MasterMindSEO. 2014. ASIN B00NC2W9F2.

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Personal Life

Stephen Twomey is married to Jane Twomey and the couple have three young boys, and a daughter. He is an avid christ follower and an occasional Matt Foley impersonator.[11]


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