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==External links==
==External links==
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* {{Facebook | Samuel-Caruso | Sammy Caruso}}
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* {{Instagram | officialcaruso | Sammy Caruso}}
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* {{Twitter | rscboy | Sammy Caruso}}
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[[Category:American politicians]]
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[[Category:American activists]]
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Samuel Caruso is an American next-generation leader, student activist and the youngest Ohio delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Known for his involvement in the March for Our Lives Movement, Caruso continues to stand up for his political beliefs bringing change in the society. Caruso is an activist for gun safety and is a lead organizer of protests and rallies in Dayton, Ohio. Caruso is a representative of Dayton at the Ohio State House for Gun Violence Prevention.

Caruso is also a TEDx speaker and has advocated for and worked on several political campaigns such as Adrienne Draper, John McManus, Bernie Sanders, and others.


Early life and education

Born and brought up in Dayton, Ohio, Caruso attended Hillel Academy of Dayton and Oakwood High School. Caruso started getting involved in politics in his 8th grade and first volunteered for the Bernie Sanders's Campaign. Caruso started organizing events, supporting several causes, speaking his mind, and sharing his beliefs. He was recognized for his work and awarded with the Principal’s Leadership award for his work. The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Florida picked Caruso’s interest in pushing for safer, stricter gun laws, expanded background checks and an assault weapons ban. After that he led several student rallies to support the cause and attracted a lot of public and media attention.

Known for his involvement in March for our lives movement - young people committed to ending gun violence in schools and in communities. It is a protest about reclaiming the future by the youth. Caruso was a member of the National Honor Society in 12th Grade.

Caruso went to the University of Michigan - Dearborn pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government.


Caruso right from his school days was inclined towards raising political awareness, which is reflected in his involvement in several political events and marches. Caruso has been participating in campaigns since he was in 6th grade. Caruso was a volunteer at Dayton Convention Centre for the past 6 years. In 2015, Caruso was a volunteer staffer, working in the Trolly Stop, Oregon District campaigning for Bernie for about a year. He hosted promotional events, contacted Voters and sent Emails to the Senators. In 2016, Caruso also participated for a month in the Hillary Clinton Campaign in Kettering. In 2017 Caruso started campaigning for Dennis Kucinich for Ohio Governor. Caruso has also done volunteering for Theresa Gasper for US Congress in OH-10. Caruso believes that it is these experiences that have helped him make connections in the political industry, thus enabling him to have a stronger voice of the people. Apart from that, Caruso has acted for Zach Dickerson in a televised political advertisement. The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Florida piked Caruso’s interest in pushing for safer, stricter gun laws, expanded background checks and an assault weapons ban. Ever since then, Caruso has been actively engaged in the sanctioning of stricter laws, organizing rallies, protests in order to gain the attention of authorities as well as people. Caruso also did a TedTalk in 2019 on Youth Activism - The Future is Ours, underlining the subject matter of Dayton shooting and calling out the youth to take action and speak up. Caruso also organized the ‘Walkout Movement’ in Dayton for fighting against injustice which was highly acclaimed.


  • Recognition by the Montgomery County Democratic Party
  • Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search Recognition Award
  • Quill & Scroll by Journalism Honor Society
  • Principal’s Leadership Award
  • Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity Nominee
  • Franklin B. Walter Scholarship
  • Outstanding Senior Award
  • Lead the Way Creative Scholarship Award


  • Campaign Manager for Adrienne Draper
  • Bernie 2020
  • Outreach Coordinator - John McManus for Ohio House District 41
  • Delegate for Bernie Sanders at DNC - Ohio's 10th Congressional District
  • TEDxYouth Dayton
  • Ohio Democratic Party
  • L.A.S.T (Lobbying for A Safer Tomorrow)
  • Dennis Kucinich for Governor Campaign

Membership and appointments

Some of Caruso’s selected membership and appointments are

  • Member of Montgomery County Young Democrats
  • President of BBYO - Dayton
  • Coordinator of National Science March on Washington
  • Representative of Dayton at the Ohio Statehouse for Gun Violence Prevention
  • March for Our Lives in DC - Delegation Leader
  • Steering Committee for International BBYO Convention
  • Central Committee Member at Montgomery County Democratic Party
  • Iowa Caucus Bernie Precinct Captain - Webster City, IA

Personal Life

Caruso was born in 2001 to Michael J Caruso and Patricia L Caruso in Dayton. In his free time, Caruso often plays guitar.


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