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Leah Steele
Leah Steele.jpg
Born (1976-12-01) December 1, 1976 (age 44)
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Alma materWestminster College, Utah
  • Holistic Wealth Strategist
  • Spiritual Business Coach
  • Author
  • Podcaster
Height161 cm (5 ft 3 in)

Leah Steele (born Jan 12 1976) is a thought leader and a holistic wealth strategist.[1] She is the CEO and founder of The Leah Steele Brand, which focuses on online holistic wealth coaching.[2] Leah’s expertise center upon wealth consciousness, emotional clearing, holistic wellness, deconstructing the ‘financial slavery’ consciousness, and helping others to live a purpose-led life.

Early Beginnings

Leah Steele is an only child, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and raised in Southern Idaho and Utah by a single mother. In order to support herself and Leah, Leah’s mother had to study while working. Leah grew up with a deep admiration for her mother’s determination, but she knew that this wasn’t the kind of life she wanted for herself.

Her mother constantly encouraged Leah and taught her that she was capable of achieving greatness. This heavily influenced Leah’s personality from her childhood.

Leah grew up an avid reader. Eventually, she developed an interest in finances, deepening her passion for financial independence.

At the age of thirteen, she obtained a job in retail. From then onwards, she constantly juggled at least two jobs at a time. She furthered her studies at a higher level in International Business and Asian Studies at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. When she turned nineteen, she left Utah for New York in order to seek out greater opportunities.

Personal Life

Leah met her husband Sean Barnett in Salt Lake City at the age of nineteen. They were close friends and eventually married in 2010. They lived together with their children in Utah. Leah worked with both her mother and her husband to build two businesses for eight years.

At the time, Leah lived what she described as the ‘country club life’. Her children were enrolled in a private school, and she lived with financial comfort together with her family.

However, she wasn’t happy. Her marriage was on the verge of divorce and she had a strained relationship with her children due to the fact that she couldn’t spend enough time with them. Her mental health was also impacted; she was unsatisfied with the way her life had turned out after so many years of effort.

Her inward change began when she began to rely on her own spiritual transformation. Leah’s beliefs lie in the spiritual, where she considers her purpose in life to be a ‘divine mission work’.

Leah lost both her businesses eventually. Her family experienced the loss of their house, car, and 3 million dollars in addition to incurring over a million dollars’ worth in debt. Thus came a dark period in her life.

Despite these failures, she persisted. She ventured into her coaching business. During this time, she discovered her true purpose in life whilst simultaneously working on building holistic wealth for both herself and her family.

Now, she and her family are based in Bali, Indonesia. This move to Bali wasn’t just a geographical move; it also marked a change in her interior energy. Her spiritual beliefs were aligned and she was able to connect with other influential women.


In New York, Leah started to advance in her career. She started off working for United Media, a newspaper syndicate, and was soon assigned to handle two of their top clients. Then, she progressed and landed a job in sports marketing, where she worked for ISL Marketing, AG (the international marketing arm for FIFA) during the 1999 Women’s Cup.[3]

Despite her success, Leah found an increasing dissatisfaction within her. She longed to be an entrepreneur.

Therefore, she returned to Utah to start her own business. Together with her mother, they started a sober living facility for addiction treatment. Leah also worked with her husband to create an outpatient treatment program.

These two businesses flourished for eight years. However, Leah still found that she wanted something else out of her life. She was unhappy with the way her career had progressed and felt dissatisfied with what she was doing. Eventually, both these businesses dissolved and Leah incurred a deep debt.

This dark period in her life led her to reach out for something different in her career. She started to build a coaching business, which led to the establishment of the Leah Steele Brand.

Leah is also commonly called The Wealth Witch. This nickname stems from her own mission to “inspire, guide, and empower millions of women to rediscover their soul’s purpose and step fully into wildly profitable purpose work”.[4] Essentially, Leah’s work focuses on women empowerment. She recognizes the huge pay gap when it comes to men and women in almost every industry.

The Leah Steele Brand focuses on working with women to clear their ‘emotional blocks’, so to speak. Leah strives to aid women to break free from the generational conditioning and programming which has, over the centuries, prevented women from reaching their maximum potential.

The Leah Steele Brand applies a modality called the ‘Emotional Resonance Clearing’.[5] In essence, it is a tool that the brand uses to help women to clear their stuck and stagnant emotional pathology from the organs and meridian systems of the body.

Firstly, Leah points towards the importance of deconstructing the current financial paradigm. Women are taught to understand that the conditioning that was imposed upon them since childhood is essentially false in nature. The second step that should be taken is the practice of daily wealth consciousness, where one unlearns the conditioning imposed upon them. Unlearning and reconditioning one’s life requires a person to ask themselves the right question: what do they believe is true about wealth?

Leah relies on her interests as a spiritual practitioner in building up her business. The Leah Steele Brand faced an exponential increase in growth when Leah decided to recenter her focus in her career. When she found her ‘why’, her true purpose, she eventually reached out to more influential women.

She worked with Michelle Patrick, another healer, to establish the Emotional Resonance Clearing Modality and the Becoming Immortal program. This program lasts for six months, where participants will work to reshape their beliefs in wellness. Leah aims to aid women to build up healthier habits in order to be free to journey towards a better life. Steele attests to the success of this program where she herself has followed this six-month program.

Leah also hosts The Wealth Witch Podcast, which is a podcast focusing on wealth and entrepreneurship for women.

Future Endeavors

Currently, Leah strives in the company of a community of strong women. They continue to believe in elevating women everywhere. She has, since the inception of her company, hosted TV shows, coaching programs, podcasts, and written books.

Her next endeavor, The Witches of Wall Street, is a reality television and talk show which is currently in the making. They expect to begin filming in the coming months of 2021.


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