German Burschenschaft

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German Burschenschaft
General Deputies Convent (ADC)
Association, fraternities and sororities
IndustryFraternities and sororities
Founded20. July 1881 in Eisenach, Germany
Area served
Germany, Austria
Members7.000 (2019)

The German Burschenschaft (DB) (Deutsche Burschenschaft) is a corps-association of fraternities; a co-operation of of student associations of a certain form in Germany and Austria. It was created in 1881 as a General Deputies Convent (ADC) and received its current name in 1902. It goes back to the ideas associated with the founding of the native fraternetie (Urburschenschaft) in Jena in the year 1815. The goals of German Burschenschaft are outlined in their motto "Honor - Freedom - Fatherland".

Today German Burschenschaft today is considered as a right-wing corps. This status was preceded by internal directional struggles from the 2000s onwards, in which the German national-itsting fraternities prevailed.[1] According to their own numbers, Deutsche Burschenschaft has 7.000 members in almost 70 fraternities.[2]


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