Creer Savoir-Faire

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Creer Savoir-Faire
Creer Savoir-Faire (1).jpg
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Entrepreneur
  • Music Producer
OrganizationIt’s Gorgeous Musique

Creer Savoir-Faire , as elegant and powerful as his name claims, has a gift for building and perfecting brands which can be illustrated by his label It’s Gorgeous Musique. The rising and powerful label, named after his stage name, has been building and setting the standard for future labels to measure their success after.

Coming from humble beginnings, Creer soon found his purpose as he networked his way among the music industries elite and was labeled as one of the future music moguls of our time. Through paying his dues, Creer began building It’s Gorgeous Musique through patience and tenacity. Creer is a multi-functional CEO, who has expanding brands through the inclusion of many top tier music services, powered with many exclusive resources that are only rivaled by the major labels as we know them today. Has used his label connections, pursuit of excellence results, and his ever-expanding roster of talented artists and employees, to create a home for many creatives to expand and grow while making considerable noise within the global music marketplace. Creer has been the creator and facilitator of indie tours and showcases bringing exposure to artists and enjoyment to fans of all demographics.[1]

Through expansion, Creer, known as It’s Gorgeous, has expanded to own radio stations in Washington D.C, Atlanta and Las Vegas. His mine seemingly operates on a different level as he has created his own brand of premium liquor through a partnership of Local Choice Spirits. There is no level that It’s Gorgeous can reach as the label has over 25 talented artists and employees spread out over the United States. He has illuminated the creative talents of his staff as he pushed his community efforts through his generosity.[2][3]

Creer Savoir-Faire, It’s Gorgeous, is a legend in the making and the only obstacle is the ones we create for ourselves, based on the words from It’s Gorgeous himself.[4][5][6]

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