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Benjamin Devlin
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John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford
  • Writer
  • Animator
Known forBen Devlin and Bernie Frasier

Benjamin Devlin (born Benjamin John Devlin); is an English writer and animator from Abingdon in Oxfordshire. He was born in 1981 at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. ch works as Comedy, Poetry and Motivational.

As an animator Ben Devlin has credits for Directin Also known as Ben Devlin and Bernie Frasier.

With various areas of writing he has published sug, Producing, Editing, Writing and Choreographing.

In March 2021, Devlin won a Platinum award for Best Animation Short from The Pinnacle Film Awards.[1]The animation was Bob: The Return.

Hey Fatso! (2012)[2]

In 2011, Devlin took a course in sports nutrition. He’d already had experience in transforming his body and lifestyle. This resulted in a total of eight stones weight loss. With all the knowledge and personal experience, he wrote this self help, motivational book.

Poetic Angst (2017)[3]

Since childhood, Devlin had suffered with anxiety. As an adult he would experience addiction and mental health problems. These experiences helped guide him to this next project. Poetic Angst is a book of poems, all written by Ben Devlin. It covers anxiety, addiction, instinct and trust.

A book of adult jokes, Unearthed from the depths of depravity! (2020) As Bernie Frasier.[4]

Devlin always had an interest in comedy and even though had never participated in stand up, he decided his next project to be a comical one. Under the name Bernie Frasier, he wrote this collection of adult humour. The jokes consisted of a few one liners but mainly lengthy jokes.

His style of comedy is centred around misdirection and bad taste. Often pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, he had removed one or two jokes before the book was finished. He decided they were not so funny, but more disturbing and hadn’t earned their place within the book.

Emotional and Gentle. Chaotic Crazy Mental! (2020) As Benjamin J Devlin.[5]

Ben Devlin’s second book of poetry.

These poems however, were an erratic collection of humour, horror, serial killers and an honest look at particular walks of life.

Also touching on how we as a society perceive something or someone and how that someone may perceive themselves.

In 2018 Devlin wrote a poem consisting of three parts about a fictional stand up comedian called Bernie Frasier. The poem, titled ‘The fall and rise of Bernie Frasier, was exactly what it says on the tin. An ageing comic gets another chance in the spotlight!

‘The fall and rise’ was finally released within Devlin’s second poetry book ‘emotional and gentle’ along with the prequel ‘Bernie Meets World’.

Ben Devlin would use the name Bernie Frasier as his pseudonym for his ‘Unearthed from the depths of depravity! ‘ joke book.


Bob: The Pilot (2016) [6]Director/Producer/Editor/Writer

Stop motion animation using a dslr camera and plasticine. Bob is a little shabby bear who is asked a few questions.

Bob responds via actions rather than words. It is a black and white short film which lasts approx two mins.

Trainer Dance (2020) [7]Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer

A short stop motion animation showing three pairs of trainers having a little dance together.

Bob: The Return (2021)[8] Director/Producer/Editor/Actor

Award winning animation[9]

& Finalist in short film competition hosted by Stoner Morning Show.[10]

A short stop motion animation of the bear named Bob. This time round, Bob becomes ill and things get messy.

Cuppa Tea Noir (2021) Director/Editor/Producer/Actor

Short film of a cup of tea being made. Shot mainly in black and white.

String Along (2021). Director/Editor/Producer

A short film involving a ball of string, a post it note pad and a pen.

A Great Way to Start the Day!! (2021)[11]

Ben Devlin has been known to work closely with Electronic drum and bass composer ‘Koncrete Sofia’ as Director/ editor and producer of music videos such as ‘A great Way to start the Day!!’ Such music is available on iTunes.

Chip off the Old Block! (2021)[12]

Ben Devlin created the music for the single ‘Chip Off the Old Block! By Koncrete Sofia. As of may 2021 it had reached the semifinals within the ‘Sweden Film Awards’ competition.[13]


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