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French-Belgian chemist, Alfred Marchal, born in May 1948, has dedicated his life to researching and stabilizing powerful natural active ingredients for skin treatment. He is a worldwide pioneer in the stabilization of vitamin C in its free and active form, also known as Vitamin C|L-ascorbic acid. Based on his observation of interactions of vitamin C with substances naturally present in fruits and his in-depth knowledge, Alfred Marchal imagined in 1997 the first serum with a high concentration of stable and active free vitamin C which experienced global success.

Alfred Marchal
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BornMay 1948
  • BA degree in chemistry
  • PhD degree on organic chemistry
Alma materBruxelles University

In 2017, Alfred Marchal succeeded in stabilizing in topical treatment another active ingredient of natural origin, the tannic acid, which is found in the bark of redwood trees and is responsible for their exceptional longevity.

Beyond natural Antioxidant|antioxidants, his research focuses on photoaging[1], bruising, redness and the treatment of dermatological lesions. He also discovered a new metabolite of Phytomenadione|vitamin K1: vitamin K1-oxide which offers better activity and improves the results of post-aesthetic treatments without any side effects. Alfred Marchal also imagined tailor-made skin treatments containing nanometric-sized vitamin K1 oxide to improve the aesthetic aspects of the skin.



Alfred Marchal earned his BA degree in chemistry and his PhD degree on organic chemistry from Bruxelles University.

Professional career

After his early career in R&D for various pharmaceutical companies focused on antimalarial molecules, organic fluorine chemistry and phytopharmaceutical products, Alfred Marchal created Auriga International in 1997 and developed world bestsellers such as Flavo-C and Auriderm.

Alfred Marshall joined Alpha Science in 2018 as Head of Science to develop new state of the art innovations.

He is now a regular speaker at aesthetic conferences such as IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monaco, Face Cannes, Face London and expert for aesthetic medicine universities.

Personal life

He is married, with three children.


He is the author of numerous scientific articles and developed more than seven Patent|patents.

  • Skin treatments containing nanometric vitamin K, Issue date : September 11, 2003. US

Patent number 20030170187A1).[2]

  • Use of a composition comprising vitamin k1 oxide or a derivative thereof for the treatment

and / or prevention of dermatological lesions in mammals. Issue date : 2005. European

Patent Number : EP1594456B1[3]

  • Cosmetic or pharmaceutical composition containing hyaluronic acid. Issue date :

February 2008. Patent number : EP1884231A1.[4]

  • Process for the synthesis of isothiocyanates and their derivatives and uses thereof, Issue

date : July 2012. Patent number : BE1019431A3[5]

  • Synthesis and stabilization of sulforaphane. Issue date : July 2012. Patent number :


  • Innovative composition of hyaluronic acid for skin aging and dermatological applications.

Issue date : 2011. Patent number BE1020210A3.[7]

  • Process for obtaining a stable gel of hyaluronic acid and a free form of vitamin c and / or

one of its salts

  • Integration and stabilization of L-ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) in the hyaluronic load.

Issue date : 2013. Patent number BE1020210A3.


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